Monday, January 1, 2018

My December 2017 Post Digest from Da Tech Guy Blog

 New feature: quotes from me.

A Different Kind of Coming-Out and Why Many Won’t Do It
 [T]he team I hope I suit up for is decent human being.
Here They Come to Save the Day! Introducing the White (SJW) Nonsense Roundup
“See what I did for you people?”
Man Trap 
Because thieves need to be soiling their underwear.
I hope this guy has made enough money, because it will be hard for him to get a real job again. Maybe he should apply for a job at CNN.
Obama’s Hezbollah Drug Report Mirrors the CIA Drug Cartel Theory
Tank the economy of the country, fuel an opioid crisis among whites, and voila! Vengeance.
How My Dad Stopped Me From Becoming One of Those Women  (Instalanche!)
My parents had spotty success with getting me to do what they wanted using threats or shame, but they could almost always manipulate me with logic.
The New Night-Riders are Just Like the Old Ones (Instalanche!)
... I don’t think that these foot-soldiers for Leftism have the slightest bit of self-awareness or historical perspective about this proposed action against a man’s home or about harassing brown-skinned Americans for what they believe.
Obama and Iran’s Mullahs: A Love Story?
It’s almost as if they have some hidden hold over him. Or maybe I’m just a racist.
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