Saturday, February 10, 2018

My January 2018 Post Digest from Da Tech Guy Blog -- The GoDaddy Must Die Special

Thank you! A little under halfway there!


This digest is a little later in the month that is normally so; right after I finished composing the usual digest content -- this past Tuesday -- I went to Da Tech Guy Blog's URL and discovered that the website was down and it remains so as of this morning. Peter has been tweeting about his struggles with DTGB's host,, and even though GD (heh) claimed yesterday that the site was back up, it remains a no-go.

So now Peter has reverted to his backup site where DTGB will go forward for now and where we, his group of bloggers styled as The Magnificent Seven, will go forward as well.

But that means that this last digest will be linked to the web archive and that all of my other digest posts will have to be relinked as well. Suffice it to say that I'm not starting on that task today, nor will it be a short-term project. I've been posting these digests for a few years.

Moral of the story: download your blog content periodically. I do it for this blog about once a week.

Sometimes It's You
Libyan Slave Markets and Jumping into the Fire
Border Wall Mind Games
Halfrican Keeps it Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come to America
The New Fun Tastes Funny
News Flash: California Shakes Often
The Great Twisting
Who Can Investigate the Investigators?
The Black and the White SOTU Rebuttals
Notre Dame’s Next

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AFTERTHOUGHT: Looking at the title and the meme, I'm thinking maybe I watch too much Sci-fi ... Nah.

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