Friday, March 2, 2018

My February 2018 Post Digest from Da Tech Guy Blog

Who Runs Things?
I feel as though we have been living in a house infested with termites for decades. Centuries? It has to be God’s grace that keeps it standing.
CIA, NSA to FBI: We May Be Younger, But We Have Outlived Our Usefulness Too
I wonder what would happen if all the “intelligence” agencies were disbanded. I have a dream.
Why I’m Against Black History Month…and For It (Part 1)
Carter G. Woodson

Dr. [Carter G.] Woodson [creator of Black History Week; later, Month] posited that teaching Black History to black American students would make them equal to other Americans in their own minds -- where it counts -- and, thereby, make them better citizens.
Why I’m Against Black History Month…and For It (Part 2)
So what is the big deal about not knowing the history of one’s people? I am often shocked to hear Americans who celebrate the vision and foresight of the American Founders ask that question. We—all Americans—rightly hearken to the ideals on which this country is based in order to get some perspective on the present and as guidance on how to proceed in the future.
Why I’m Against Black History Month…and For It (Part 3)
[M]ost of us — meaning most Americans — like to celebrate the good parts of our country’s history, but we often ignore the parts which might make us uncomfortable or cause us to reach uncomfortable conclusions about other Americans.
Imagine There’s No Money and No Guns
They always tell you what they’re planning and the plan always involves control of two things: you and your money.
We’re Not Disarming Fast Enough for the Left
The attacks on the NRA seem pointless, but I don’t think the Organized Left cares about taking down the NRA. Not really. A mindset is being planted.
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