Saturday, March 31, 2018

My March 2018 Post Digest from Da Tech Guy Blog

Since today is the last day of the month and I just published my Saturday post at Da Tech Guy Blog, I figured I'd get this out of the way today. Additionally, I filled in for Fausta for a few days, so there is more to the digest than usual. I've been busy this month!

Oh, and a few Instalanches. Love ya, Glenn!

Turning Around: A Suggestion
In fits and starts, America turned human history around and morphed into a place where people could live in a little peace, based on the notion that people had a right to do so. Certainly not all Americans could count on that type of peace, but quite a few could and, even when there was injustice and oppression, America showed herself capable of turning around and marching in the other direction. Repenting. Again. And again.
A Sensible Partitioning of California -- linked by Instapundit
The Organized Left would never give up all that prime farmland and road access to the other states. They want all of California and, eventually, all fifty states.
At Least he Didn't Use a Gun
We are a species of lawbreakers and for many of us, no earthly statute will make a difference when we are dead set on defiance.
Our Enemies are Friendly to Each Other … For Now
A war between the Organized Left and Islamists? That should be amusingly brief.
These are Some Really Strange Bedfellows
The “Church” of Scientology has been building centers in and around South Central Los Angeles and in Inglewood — something that had previously been unheard of. Today, being Fathers’ Day [sic], I guess there was some big event at the center near me. But guess which organization was celebrating the day with them? The Nation of Islam.
National Geographic Signals Virtue
You’ve changed your ways, National Geographic. (Thanks for the maps, by the way.) But is it necessary to ruin your reputation by becoming National Groveling?
One Person Can Make Things Better
[I}sn’t it better for all concerned for an on-the-street homeless person to live in a solid structure rather than in a tent or a makeshift tarp shack?
Humanity, Thy Name is Tribal War
I’ve seen the non-South African opinion sides forming among my friends and, yes, with some notable exceptions, those opinions are formed along the color line. Both white and black South Africans have legitimate grievances. Here’s the thing, once all grievances are addressed, even unto death, where does it end? Spoiler: it doesn’t end.
Altared State -- linked by Instapundit
I’ve been thinking of the concept of eternal life and I’ve concluded that most people, even Christians, only give lip-service to the concept until someone we love dies – especially if that person dies young. Or maybe I’m the one who was just giving it lip-service.
The Schooling of David Hogg
Considering the high Organized Left infiltration level of colleges and universities, you’d think that most of them would be fighting each other for the honor of giving David Hogg – Gun Control’s freshest activist face – a place to refine his SJW propaganda game.
Musings on Ridicule -- linked by Instapundit
When people laugh derisively at something you say – and tell you that this is what they are doing – they do it with the assumption that this type of laughter will wound you in some way. But what happens if this has no effect on you?
Trashed World
[T]hough most Americans are consistent recyclers – optimistically speaking – what about citizens of other countries, the one to the south of us, for example?
Justice Stevens Keeps It Real
[I]t's so cute that Justice Stevens makes no mention of the other probable outcome of a repeal of the Second Amendment: a nation-wide bloodbath. And I’m not even talking about those who would take up arms against the government and its various levels of agents.
Crooked Love
The Devil has tons of fans; why wouldn’t his servants also attract those who find excitement in evil?
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