Friday, May 4, 2018

My April 2018 Post Digest from Da Tech Guy Blog

You Say You Want Independent Journalism

This weekend at my blog, I was griping about having known about and having publicized the strange alliance between Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the “Church” of Scientology only to have National Review talk about and get all the huzzahs.
An Incomplete Plan
[W]hen I read the title addressing the “enslavement” of one’s future self, I couldn’t help but think of that other future self – the one which will still exist in Heaven or in outer darkness when this ‘self’ appears to be gone.
No Godless Chaplains in the Navy … Yet
Ooh look! Congress does something logical for a change! That right there is one of God’s miracles.
Space Jam
Battle space.
Trains Not on Time in California
The writer points out that hobos and trains have a long history.
Fear the Romaine?
My mom was and is a stickler for the preparation. Wash each leaf individually and thoroughly; tear the leaves into fork sized piece; absolutely no freaking spine.
Donors Keep the Southern Poverty Law Center Out of Poverty
Down, covetous streak! Down!
The United Kingdom is Out of Time
[T]he murder of Alfie Evans at hands of the UK government has already indicated what time it is.
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