Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Special Post Digest for Da Tech Guy Blog (2018)

Three months -- August through October. Finally got around to it. I took a few days off from writing at Peter's place because of my Road Trip. I still owe you all a post about the trip. I'm glad it was made.


Why You Should Believe Very Little of What You See

History Repeating in Africa?

On Loyalty

Trump Forces IC Elite to Squeal


Unwanted Eyeballs

Breaking Free


Easy Yoke, Light Burden

Removing the Reasons

Advice About Natural Cure Advice

Taking it to the Street

Proper Saladry


True Nature of the War on Men


The Leftism or The Lunacy?

Resistance and Futility

Hysterical Females Are Deadly

Gates Dreams of an African-less Africa

That Time When Capitalism Beat Racism’s Butt

Who Started This Caravan?

Beset But Not Bowed 

God Was Right 

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