Friday, November 30, 2018

My November 2018 Post Digest for DaTechGuy Blog

Happy 10th Anniversary to DaTechGuy Blog!

Three More Days
[A]s I was reading, it occurred to me that even if the Democrats get everything they want on Tuesday, they won’t be satisfied. Why not? Because Donald Trump will still be there as president of the United States, with all the authority inherent to the office, and with none of the fear of George W. Bush.
Not Your Marker's Mark
Leaving aside the biblical prophecy about the Mark of the Beast, how alarming is this? One wonders what will be the outcome of a malfunctioning chip. How will a person’s body — and mind — react to that?
Trump Refuses to Yield
Admittedly, having a plain-spoken, abrasive president was jarring to me at first. Then I began to think back on the last two presidents, both pathetic blowers of backside smoke from the two “opposing” parties lulling many of us to sleep with their sweet dulcet tones.
Florida Woman
And why would Andrea Mitchell “accidentally” mislabel Brenda Snipes as a Republican? Because Snipes has a long reputation in her office: a history of controversy.
Troll-Feeding and You
[T]rolls feed you. Look for inconsistencies in troll comments and exploit them. Trolls are stupid and, therefore, will always provide you with your own rhetorical ammunition.
Moral Preening App
Leave it to a Democrat politician to creep us all out.
A Tad Rant-ish About Affirmative Action
My American parents – my mother and “step” father – have always been against AA because they could see the unspoken implications of it: that blacks needed it because we are allegedly inferior to other groups.
Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield -- Linked by InstapunditAce of Spades HQ, and many others.
[T]he fact that Twitter sees fit to take out the high rolling personalities — like my friend, Thomas Wictor, who was suspended in September, IIRC — shows that the Left is afraid.  
Sea Change: CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill
[W]hen I read that he had called for the destruction of Israel, I wasn’t surprised in the least.
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