Monday, December 31, 2018

My December 2018 Post Digest for DaTechGuy Blog

General Locusts
Payback always happens, and if a perpetrator is lucky, it will happen in this world and not in the next one.
But Will They Listen?
[TheDemocrats] will keep trying to take down President Trump until the bitter end, even if it’s their end.
Secret Weapon -- linked by Instapundit!
Keeping a secret, that is, keeping one’s mouth shut about what you are doing and accomplishing — especially when there are people who would love nothing better than to see you fail — is nearly a lost art, and there are many who don’t understand the value of it, especially in the age of Social Media.
Freedom From Religion
[W]hen I think of Freedom from Religion, I think of freedom from allowing human beings to forcibly insert themselves between me and my God; to dictate the terms of that relationship.
Last Days of the European Christmas Markets -- linked by Instapundit!
The EU honchos knew — from experience — that periodic terror attacks would be part of their refugee mandate. I contend that this is a feature and not a bug in their plan. They don’t “lack the will” to do anything about it; what we are seeing is their will. 
Family Conversation
[W]e don’t disagree on much.
My Saturday
Maybe I do have some neat freak tendencies.
Here’s something we all are prone to doing when perusing a text with which we are very familiar: forgetting what certain words and concepts mean, and, therefrom, the implications. I do it; my dad does it; we all do it. It’s part of our human fallibility.
It’s a Bot World We’re Living In
Last I checked, I’m real and try to keep it real. Really.

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