Tuesday, April 30, 2019

My April 2019 Post Digest For DaTechGuy Blog

The US Congress is a Den of Iniquity
Congress is a den of thieves, robbers, and perverts. I couldn’t become a part of that.

Some of that iniquity might rub off and I have enough of my own crap to explain to the Almighty when my time comes.
Black Americans, Freedom, and Gratitude
I’m quite grateful to God for planting me in this country — in spite of the means of how it was done — because it delivered me and mine from idolatry and Islam. God makes all things work together for the good for those who love Him and are called to His purposes.
When Socialists Smarter Than AOC Come Along
It’s a good summation of the AOC phenomenon, if a pessimistic one.
About the Coup Attempt
... if no one pays, a coup will be tried again ...
California’s War on Plastic
Has someone informed all those illegal aliens being dumped in sanctuary cities that they should leave their plastic at home?
Invincible Ignorance from the NYT … Again
Seriously, NYT, if you’re going to write about these things, how hard is it to look up a few terms? Christ won’t reach out and smite you from Google’s search field. At least, I don't think He will.
WaPo’s Latest Weapon
[W]hen I talk about these things, getting angry is appropriate. But it’s important to let one’s anger dissipate and to appreciate those who are able to dissect this Othering of Christianity and of Western Civilization; to peel off its coating.
We’re All Making History
be sure to regularly download your social media and blog archives. You never know if you’re about to be de-platformed by those who want to keep the making of history all to themselves.
A Little Bit About Those Refugee Camps in Kenya
If you recall, the last time a person whose lineage was from that part of the world became famous, a lot of made-up information (read: lies) was spread around and, over a decade later, I still see some of it. Therefore, I’d like to get out a little ahead of information on the refugee camps, or, at least run alongside of it.
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