Saturday, November 9, 2019

My October 2019 Post Digest for Da Tech Guy Blog

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I Did Some Reporting on the Big Stuff
Voice Dropping Knowledge in the Wilderness
Impeachment Strategy
I heard that one of President Trump’s lawyers sent the House a letter which basically says “hell naw we ain’t playing your impeachment inquiry games.” I read only part of the letter, but it really must be spicy, because a lot of anti-Trump partisans are wailing about it.
Life is not Fair
Lebron James and Hunter Biden are rich and I am not.
The End of My Sojourn in CA May Be Near
I’ve been saying to any who will listen that the goal of California’s Organized Left (OL) is to drive out the middle class. The OL’s dream population will consist of the rich and the servant class, with the latter being composed mostly of illegal aliens.
More on the Hollowing Out of California
Remember what I said about the homeless in this state: California’s Organized Left enables their less-that-savory habits – like thievery in support of drug usage — to drive out the middle class, of which business owners are a huge subclass.
Showed Them the Money
There’s a lot of funny money going around.

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