Wednesday, June 3, 2020

My May 2020 Post Digest for Da Tech Guy Blog

State of Shock
Strangely enough however, I don’t think that it will be violence that will break the stranglehold, at least not mass violence. [Quoted just to point out that I was dead wrong!]
OG Fascist
[S]ome of my friends (...) are quick to wield the Cudgel of Fascism against actions they frown upon and against actors of whom they disapprove. And, yes, I’m talking about conservatives this time.
My Wuhan Virus Regimen
No claims on whether this regimen cures or prevents anything, but it can’t hurt.
Jackson’s Party Trumps His Faith
There have always been fake pastors, but Jackson is the modern American forerunner — and Sharpton is his “son” — selling fear instead of faith. But he’s old now and irrelevant.

Beware of the fear-pastors who are not so old.
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