Monday, March 14, 2016

Author's Life (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Go here for my interview last week with Dave Perkins, where I talk about me me me...and my first trip to Kenya to see my father.

Scroll down and you'll see "TheDavePerkinsShow_030716." Click on the arrow underneath.

ORIGINAL: I’m am not the most disciplined creature that ever lived, but I have been giving at least a half-hour each to each of these projects:

1. I’m reworking Arlen’s Harem and here’s how.

Though I lost most of my large appliances, along with most of my clothes and books, I was blessed enough to have removed most of the old papers from my storage space before the contents was sold out from under me. Going through them, I found a number of old writings—prose and poetry—that I had been procrastinating about for 25 plus years, as the dates which are sometimes there indicate.

The writing is uniformly terrible, but that, of course makes no difference. I used old, crappy scribblings--and voice recordings--to get Tale of the Tigers to the finish line, and I'll do that with Arlen. (Some consider Tale to be crappy scribblings, and that may be so, but no one can say that I didn’t work hard on it.)

2. Baldilocks: The First Decade will be a collection of my old blather from the first version of this blog.

3. And there is still The Kenya Project, which is now in post-trip mode. I would like to make another trip before the end of the year or at the beginning of next year.

From the Hilton Nairobi

Any organizing suggestions?

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