Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Some Blogging You May Have Missed More Than Once

The Rutgers Scarlet and Too White Knight

I've been using the Facebook note feature to blog. All of these are public, so you don't need a Facebook account to read them.

Regular readers may find some of these familiar. I do repackage and recycle content and I will do it again!

Here ya go.


Ordering My Thinking
Chaotic thinking can disguise itself as ordered: the inability to think the unthinkable. We all do this, too. We wall “crazy” ideas and approaching disaster out of our consciousness, and, because of that mental block, we refuse to prepare ourselves for the bad stuff. Many who do this habitually, lose their sanity when the bad stuff can no longer be ignored.
Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings
Each sentient adult not encumbered by physical, mental or emotional pathology is fully capable of refusing to be shamed and, therefore angered, by another.

Equality is often a choice.
The Electoral College and the Three-Fifths Compromise
Thus, was the infant USA not born the perfect USA; it was born with a birth defect—an “original sin” just like every other nation on earth. (The Organized Left always wants to talk about “original sin” even when they don’t believe in real sins -- at least not those committed by their ideological allies.) 
If the North had not compromised, one wonders what would have happened.
Tribalism is Natural
The natural man has no knowledge of God and feels more kinship with other human beings who look like him – starting with his immediate family and branching out to his ethnic tribe. And it doesn’t end there.
Recon: The Gates of Hell and The Matrix
This world is the Devil’s matrix -- a place in which complex falsehoods are constructed, not to mention, large-scale thievery and massive destruction. Both God’s kingdom and the Devil’s kingdom have the terrestrial characteristics I’ve already pointed to, but I have not yet pointed to the most important dimension: the spiritual one. 
The Purpose of Media-Planted Lies
[W]e are inclined to believe (...) information if it coincides with what we already believe. And here is an irony: we tend to believe things that validate our fears instead of those things which assuage them.
Rutgers to Black Students: “You Are Inferior”
Hardcore white supremacists are more honest and less dangerous than these academics. At least the worshipers of white carcasses will tell you up front that he hates your black ass and wants nothing to do with you.
These credentialitarians are far worse.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A History Lesson and the Chief Topic on My Mind

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

About That Other Virus

The Organized Left has been building America up for overt communism/socialism/Marxism/progressivism -- henceforth called leftism -- for a long, long time.

Most educational systems have long ceased to educate their charges properly, having ceased to objectively define the concepts of leftism, small-l liberalism, capitalism, basic economics and, of course, history. Specifically, educational systems stopped calling leftist concepts and ideologies by name. This made it easier to present these principles as good and necessary -- to present them as rights.

The accepted and assumed “truth” that leftist principles are rights is virus-like. It has become so pervasive that, when those who are properly educated, formally or otherwise, try to explain how and why such principles aren’t rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and how the implementation of these “rights” has bankrupted this nation and how it has radically altered life in this country for the worse, explainers get labeled adversely: racist, Nazi, Uncle Tom, fascist, Aunt Jemima, sexist, tool of the Patriarchy, or some combination thereof, depending on the coating and plumbing of the Cassandra in question.

And these labels stick for the same reason -- because the definition and history behind those epithets isn’t taught either. So, for example, instead of a Nazi being defined as someone who oppresses and murders a set of persons, a Nazi is defined as someone who stops another from oppressing and murdering a set of persons.

And, in the wake of the sowing of these seeds, the human emotion of covetousness has further softened the ground for leftism. The idea of profit beyond a certain limit being morally wrong stems from nothing but envy.

Therefore, if the regular Jane knows nothing about government or economics or history except for the distorted versions dispensed by the average public educational system, the average university system and the seven o’clock news, she can be convinced, for example, that nationalizing the oil industry will bring down the price of her utilities.

She can be convinced that corporations are the enemies of the worker and that their money is her money -- stolen out of her pocket.

She can be convinced that all profits accrued by other individuals and by corporations belong to her and those who look like her.

She can be convinced that all whites are racists and all blacks are victims of white racism -- and be unmindful of the implications of these assertions.

She can can be convinced that tearing down and burning down representations of her country's history is just and moral -- even a representation of a great black American freedom fighter.

And, ultimately, she can be convinced that the senile servant of King Hope and Change can and will make all of her dreams come true.

And so it is that all the Cassandras warning about the miseducation of average Jane, eloquent though they may be, went unheeded for the most part -- until 2020, when the feces hit the propeller and Janes (and Joes) went on a nationwide rampage.

But ...

It is my opinion that we will have one more opportunity to pull back from the abyss, to be healed of this virus. That will happen in November.

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Originally posted at DaTechGuy Blog on February 28, 2017.

I agree with this wholeheartedly.
When Former President Obama was still Senator Obama, I talked to a lot of black people who knew next to nothing about him but still planned to vote for him because they wanted to “see one of us” become president. One of my friends -- a black man, fellow former USAF linguist and a conservative -- even said that he wanted his two sons to be able to look at a president who look like them and, thereby, believe that they might become president also, one day. (I retorted that Barack Obama’s persona, politics, policies and actions, conversely, might have made it that much more difficult for another American of black African descent to become POTUS. My friend didn’t listen.)

I understood the mindset more when the opinion came from a person who had personally experienced the Segregated South and the Black Coded North and West. But for those my age (58) and younger it seemed more akin to an indoctrinated mindset. Black Americans have become so accustomed to celebrating the “First Black This” and the “First Black That” that it’s almost as reflexive as breathing.

And it also seems like a form of narcissism; a way which points to self and boosts one’s own pride -- which is why I find it so troubling. Feeding pride is always a mistake and I can’t say that black people are the only group to engage in it. But, the key to breaking a mindset is to point to it and to be always wary of it.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Stupidity and How to Recognize It

Originally posted at DaTechGuy Blog on January 9, 2016.

Many, many people have wondered whether the Internet has made people more stupid than was so in generations prior to the Internet Age and I’ve wondered about this also. I still think that the answer is both ‘no’ and ‘yes.’

No: In the Internet Age, we not only have access to more information, but also access to a greater amount of people, and therefore, access to a greater amount of stupid people. They were always there; you just have awareness of more of them.

Yes: Many mistake large amounts of information for large amounts of intelligence and the Internet has provided many stupid people with the illusion of intelligence. But be advised: stupidity is not defined as limited information; it consists of the limited ability to interpret information, coupled with the refusal to acknowledge the need for the ability to interpret. Ever known an idiot who was full of hubris and arrogance about some information she has that you don’t have?

Thus, a stupid person is the inverse example of Harry Callahan’s timeless axiom.

In action, this state of affairs is demonstrated by a false dichotomy I’ve seen all over the place for a long time now. To wit: why do non-Muslim observers judge Islam for what some Muslims do, but do not judge Christianity for what some Christians do?

A variation of that question was repeated yesterday [sic]. Here was my answer.
Both Christians and Muslims have individual standard-bearers. The standard-bearer for Christians: Jesus of Nazareth. The standard-bearer for Muslims: Mohammed. 
When observers attempt to determine whether self-described Christians or Muslims are true believers in their respective faiths and are acting as such, the logical thing do is to measure the words and/or actions against the teachings of the appropriate standard-bearer and, then, come to a cogent conclusion [about the doctrine and the people in question].
From the subsequent part of our conversation, the inquirer had no comprehension of either standards or standard-bearers and wasn’t inclined to consider the definitions or implications of either. We all know he’s not alone. However, he did seem proud of the amount of information he was able to call forth about the Bible. There, he had me.

But the Devil is able to quote scripture better than any of us, so that’s a contest I don’t care about. (And, yes, I can see it now: “she called that man the Devil because he disagreed with her.” To infer that would fall under the stupidity umbrella which I described earlier.)

I predict that we will see more of this, since stupidity is easier than interpretation and the stupid are prone to taking any route which makes them appear to be intelligent -- even if that route ultimately leads to their demise and that for many others.

Fredo unbound.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

On Destruction

Around the right side of the political blogosphere, one can read years of posts and comments by many who excoriate Former President Obama for his displayed “stupidity” during his tenure. These people don’t get it.

Those who viewed the Obama Administration’s policies and programs and who observed President Obama’s obliviousness and lack of empathy in the face of on-going national crises and, as a result, made a summary low judgment of the president’s intellect do so with the premise that the man really was trying to improve economic, social and racial conditions in the USA.

That premise is wrong.

This is what people need to realize about destruction: it is the total opposite from building/improving. It seems like an obvious truth, but when comparing the concepts, we must take it further.

Construction of anything requires carefully ordered planning and implementation. For example, when constructing a solid, stable building, the architect recommends proven construction methods, using the right materials, and on a solid foundation. But before doing these things, the builder gains certain knowledge of the future purpose(s) of the building and, from there, makes his decisions on how to proceed.

Destruction, however, is not only opposite in purpose; it is so in methodology. (We’re talking malicious destruction here.) Using the building analogy again, think of what happens when someone blows up a building -- or flies an aircraft into it. Are any orders or rules to be followed for the goal to be achieved? No. In fact, the more chaos perpetrated by malicious destruction, the faster a building disintegrates. The same is true for a nation.

President Obama, the Democrat Party, and whoever sits behind the scenes sow method after method of chaos. And, in some cases, inaction is the chaos sowed.

They stab the giant known as the United States of America repeatedly, hoping that it will finally fall, hoping for utter destruction.

And remember: Former President Obama was the wrecking-ball, not the wrecker. The attempted takedown of America began way before he came on the scene. He is merely doing what a century of Gramscian infiltration designed him to do.

What we are seeing before our very eyes is merely escalation. And desperation.

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Black Americana and Historical Perspective

The brothers Johnson

This was originally posted by me in defense of Black History Month several years ago at DaTechGuy Blog's old site. It is the third of a three-part series.

I'm revisiting the topic in the wake of reports that the NFL plans to play Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing -- colloquially known among black Americans roughly my age (58) and older as the "Black National Anthem" -- before the actual National Anthem, beginning this coming season. [See update at end.]

Just so that we are clear: I am against the NFL's decision. When you get to the end of this post, you'll discover what, exactly, I am defending.

As an aside, one wonders how long the NFL's decision will stand after somebody discovers the overt Christianity and love for the USA in the lyrics of Lift.

Many persons believe that the history of black Americans is worthless -- a belief which stems from three factors:
1) that much of widely-known African history and the history of Americans who are black consists of victimization: litany of failures, slavery, oppression, colonialism and perceived lack of innovation,
2) that some black Americans use the American history of slavery and oppression to induce white guilt, and
3) that some black Americans use the same as an excuse for personal failure.
But if it is important that we know the history of our country’s founding and the important political, military, religious and social movements which have shaped this nation’s character — this nation’s people — then the well-informed citizen cannot escape this category of that history; to attempt to do so would be to separate black Americans from the rest of our countrymen once again.
Example: [In 2008], there was much ado about the hymn Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, colloquially known since the 1940s as the Negro or Black National Anthem. Many who had not known of the song, its origin, its significance or its informal role among black Americans, misinterpreted it as some sort of repudiation of whiteness and/or of America-as-founded (a notion which has been exacerbated by actual repudiators of whiteness). But the merest bit of investigation into these areas and the deployment of some historical perspective reveal that  John  Rosamond Johnson and James Weldon Johnson composed the song as an anthem to God and to a nation which contemporaneously excluded black Americans.
But like any other tool — books and banners, for example — songs can be used for good, neutral, and evil purposes. That fact is separate from the intrinsic good, neutrality or evil of a specified tool, but without necessary the information — without history — the truth gets lost and the tool become a bludgeon, and that is what happened to Lift.
At the beginning of former Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s annual State of the City address in 2008 (a prelude to the Democratic National Convention of that year), there was a major brouhaha regarding the song when a singer named Rene Marie sang it in place of the Star-Spangled Banner, rather than in the usual order which the song is rendered, after The National Anthem.
At two separate blogs — Hot Air and Breitbart, I provided background on the song. The hosts were cordial and willing to receive new information. The commenters, however, were a different story.  I was attacked by some commenters at both sites, but I didn’t take the ignorance and blatant racial slurs personally from the Breitbart commenters since I rarely comment there.
With the Hot Air commenters, however, the situation was very painful, since I was a regular commenter there and both Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit occasionally featured posts from my blogs.  There were no racial slurs, but being called a liar by people who “know” me was shocking.
The most shocking thing about the two episodes, however, was that so few of the commenters had even heard of the song — a song about which I can’t recall not knowing.
I’ve had a number of years to think about this and I’ve come to this conclusion: most of us — meaning most Americans — like to celebrate the good parts of our country’s history, but we often ignore the parts which might make us uncomfortable or cause us to reach uncomfortable conclusions about other Americans.
And most people don’t want to be guilt-tripped … especially for the actions of others. So it is that much of black American history is ignored by other Americans, especially white ones. But this type of knowledge gap has allowed the originally apolitical song to be used by all manner of political opportunists, all Leftist in nature.
Well, if you are afraid of being guilt-tripped, then I don’t know what to tell you, because anyone with a strong sense of self and strong attachment to truth can refuse inappropriate guilty feelings. And that same devotion to truth should make such people hungry for both the good and uncomplimentary history of a group people who are the most American of Americans.
“What would happen if there was a White History Month?”
This often-deployed rhetorical response to Black History Month always betrays a lack of historical perspective and an ability to be guilt-tripped. (If someone wanted to create a White History Month why should they care what anyone else thinks?) I would applaud any individual who actually made an attempt to create such a cultural totem. Why?
Because, my fellow Americans who are white: your history is my history…and mine, yours. Let’s all act like it.

*Sources say that the NFL will play the hymn as specified during the opening week only. I'm still against it.
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