Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Some Blogging You May Have Missed More Than Once

The Rutgers Scarlet and Too White Knight

I've been using the Facebook note feature to blog. All of these are public, so you don't need a Facebook account to read them.

Regular readers may find some of these familiar. I do repackage and recycle content and I will do it again!

Here ya go.


Ordering My Thinking
Chaotic thinking can disguise itself as ordered: the inability to think the unthinkable. We all do this, too. We wall “crazy” ideas and approaching disaster out of our consciousness, and, because of that mental block, we refuse to prepare ourselves for the bad stuff. Many who do this habitually, lose their sanity when the bad stuff can no longer be ignored.
Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings
Each sentient adult not encumbered by physical, mental or emotional pathology is fully capable of refusing to be shamed and, therefore angered, by another.

Equality is often a choice.
The Electoral College and the Three-Fifths Compromise
Thus, was the infant USA not born the perfect USA; it was born with a birth defect—an “original sin” just like every other nation on earth. (The Organized Left always wants to talk about “original sin” even when they don’t believe in real sins -- at least not those committed by their ideological allies.) 
If the North had not compromised, one wonders what would have happened.
Tribalism is Natural
The natural man has no knowledge of God and feels more kinship with other human beings who look like him – starting with his immediate family and branching out to his ethnic tribe. And it doesn’t end there.
Recon: The Gates of Hell and The Matrix
This world is the Devil’s matrix -- a place in which complex falsehoods are constructed, not to mention, large-scale thievery and massive destruction. Both God’s kingdom and the Devil’s kingdom have the terrestrial characteristics I’ve already pointed to, but I have not yet pointed to the most important dimension: the spiritual one. 
The Purpose of Media-Planted Lies
[W]e are inclined to believe (...) information if it coincides with what we already believe. And here is an irony: we tend to believe things that validate our fears instead of those things which assuage them.
Rutgers to Black Students: “You Are Inferior”
Hardcore white supremacists are more honest and less dangerous than these academics. At least the worshipers of white carcasses will tell you up front that he hates your black ass and wants nothing to do with you.
These credentialitarians are far worse.
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I appreciate the work you did on the 1619 Project. I thought I would like to share a message from our Youtube library: HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD https://youtu.be/u-Sm0zarwHY


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