Monday, July 9, 2018

California is Still Paradise Compared to These Places

Ten years from now? I plan to be gone.

On July 4th, a woman was arrested for climbing the Statue of Liberty.

Her name is Therese Patricia Okoumou. Why did she climb the Statue on Independence Day? To protest Trump in particular, white “supremacy” in general, and call for the abolition of the ICE.
Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, was arrested on Wednesday after she climbed the statue’s pedestal and began a three-hour standoff with police that led to the evacuation of the landmark on the Fourth of July holiday, celebrating U.S. Independence. (…) 
An activist group called Rise and Resist said on Facebook that Okoumou was part of a protest at the base of the statue against immigration policy.
The protesters unfurled a banner that read “Abolish ICE,” the acronym for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Created in 2003, the agency has become a focus of criticism over U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy of “zero tolerance” for illegal immigration.
That chick is an immigrant from Congo, of all places.

This Congo?

This demon-possessed Congo?

She wants ICE abolished, eh? ICE is what's keeping her savage countrymen out of here.

The evil in that country didn't just start a couple of years ago. But Okoumou has been in the USA for 24 years, so, perhaps she has forgotten. Maybe she should have her memory refreshed.


Back when Congo was called Zaire, and after the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali returned from his triumphant heavyweight championship bout in Kinshasa against George Foreman, aka the Rumble in the Jungle, Ali was asked what he thought of Africa.

Ali responded thus: “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!” Of course Ali was referring to the slave ships. That was a typical slice of honesty from The Greatest.


There's a deleted scene from the movie Tears of the Sun – a movie about a bloody civil war in Nigeria – during which a Nigerian tells a black American SEAL team member that he looks Nigerian and that, were it not for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the SEAL would have been born and raised in Nigeria “with us.” The SEAL has no response to this and it's easy to see why the scene was deleted because the only logical response is, “thank God for slavery.” Hollywood writers aren't brave.

Then, last week, there was reality in Nigeria.
In what the Christian Association of Nigeria is calling a "pure genocide," 238 more Christians were killed and churches desecrated by Muslims last week in the west African nation. This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.
According to a joint statement by the Christian Association, an umbrella group of various Christian denominations, "There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage." 
The statement condemned the recent attacks, "where over 200 persons were brutally killed and our churches destroyed without any intervention from security agencies in spite of several distress calls made to them."
The statement adds that the majority of those 6,000 Christians massacred this year were "mostly children, women and the aged... What is happening in ... Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately."
And, today, Haiti.
The Haitian government suspended a fuel price hike Saturday after widespread violence broke out across the capital and in the northern city of Cap-Haitien.

Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant had originally said the country needed to raise prices to balance the budget and gave no indication he would back down.

But his administration bowed to pressure after demonstrators took to the streets in protest.

A journalist from The Associated Press reported seeing several hundred people on Saturday attack a Best Western Premiere hotel in Petion-Ville, one of the capital’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Guests were forced to remain inside as rocks were hurled through windows around 10 a.m. local time.

Security manned the building, but rioters shattered the main entrance before moving to another hotel. 

Four years ago, I speculated that Africa and those of black African descent, who are not followers of Jesus the Christ might be under a 4,000-year-old curse. And yesterday, the essay got a lot of new publicity, along with some criticism, because whaah slavery and because other people have done a lot of bad things over the centuries. Well, hey, they are subject to curses too, but not in the same ones we are.

And, as I said in 2014, how can we tell the difference between cursed and not-cursed in when it comes to places like Congo and Haiti?

I'm just glad I live here -- yes, even in California -- and not in those places. Safe ... for now.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

My June 2018 Post Digest for Da Tech Guy Blog

Voting Choice Pays Off
Many people cited a lone reason to vote for the presidential candidate that was Donald Trump: to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office. As it turned out, that was the sole reason that I voted for him. But there were other very good reasons.
DHS Makes a Blogger Watchlist
Watching as all our federal intelligence, security, and investigative agencies show us who they really are, it’s tempting to shut down all digital communications and go hermit. I, however, think that this would be an admission of defeat; one which would embolden them. And they’re bold enough already, are they not?
Trump to NFL Players: Bring Me a List
One would think that Longtime Civil Rights Activists and Venerable Civil Liberties Organizations would care more about injustice being rectified more than who gets the credit for the rectification.

Unless it was all about the Look At Me moral narcissism and preening for them – and for the pro ballplayers — in the first place.
Social Media Produces Lots of Unfinished Business
Of course, I’m paranoid enough to believe that the mass splintering of our collective attention spans is intentional.
Five Second Rule
This definitely isn’t about camping out in the lane or picking up food off the floor and eating it.
Figment Jesus
I cannot find an explicit or implicit indication of this rah-rah Team Jesus, phantom Uniter-not-a-Divider that people keep conjuring.
Segregation Now!
A business owner is free to refuse service to anyone – including conservatives, women, blacks, homosexuals, and Trump employees — and, after discovering a business’s preference, the rest of us are free to steer clear of that business. Or to give it our money. Or open up a competing business across the street with different rules of service.
Don’t Forget: They Want You Dead
All of these Democrat, leftist (BIRM) advocacies are intended to wear out the American public with chaos. Leftists want us to be overrun by criminals and terrorists and to have no defense against them.
Nomenklatura on the Rise
Like many, I’m watching the rise of young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an avowed Marxist, and the NY-14 Democrat candidate for Congress

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Demonic Nature of Mob Justice

People throw around the word attack too freely, especially online. There are only two ways, however, that a person can be attacked: physically and spiritually.

The mechanics of a physical attack are obvious, but spiritual attacks are less recognizable. They are sometimes direct, but, other times, they come from people in the physical world. In reality, these people are only conduits, the means through which the source of the attack sends his munitions -- his demons.

Think of such people as rocket launchers. God uses people and, since Satan is a mimicker of God, he uses people, too.

And Satan does this one thing very often: he deploys a Legion.

On Friday, the three US Senators who are black, Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced an anti-lynching measure in the Senate. Many are deriding it as a race-pandering measure and it probably is, but I have a different take on it. And, if you think about it, you’ll notice that lynchings are not always race-based.

This one is an example.

We rarely think about this, but nation-states and ethnic groups are subject to the spiritual forces of the actions of their past: of their foundations, their good deeds, and their crimes. And those nations and groups will feel the effects of its crimes in particular throughout the generations unless one of two things happen: God intervenes and/or a nation or ethnic group repents of its crimes and embeds that repentance into national body and does so on its own.

Of course, it can be argued that this country has already embedded into its body the repentance of its crimes against Americans who are black via the Civil War, the 13th through 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act. Fair enough and I agree.

But consider the following.

I think that lynching and any other gang or mob action against any target is carried out by people who are possessed by demons. This applies to any death of an individual at the hands of any mob when that individual has not been subject to a fair legal process and when the mob has no authority to carry out an execution. (This is why I’m not against all capital punishment carried out by the state.)

And, since this nation has refused identical anti-lynching measures 200 times – refused to disavow a method of human sacrifice carried out by Satanic forces -- this new measure is necessary for spiritual reasons, other reasons given notwithstanding. (Consider this when you think about Roe vs. Wade and about how many abortions have been carried out in this country since that court ruling.)

This horrifying lynching story in Texas epitomizes – at least to me – the demonic nature of mob justice. It happens that the victim was guilty of the crime and probably demonically possessed himself, considering what he did.

Read that last link before you continue.


A funny thing happens when you read about things like that. You desire the cleansing of your mind and spirit. For me, that’s an instinctive process – or maybe it’s something that God does for me. As it happens, reading about that horror reminded me of a family story, also set partially in Texas. It's one of love and of individuals.

I’ve mentioned that, for the first part of my minor years, I was raised by my great-aunt and great-uncle, Alma and John Simpkins. Aunt Alma was my grandmother’s older sister.

Uncle John was from Texas, but he and a significant portion of his family had moved to Southern California starting in the 1920s or 30s. This move probably began with his own aunt and uncle, Lucy Collins – his mother’s sister – and her husband, J.B. Collins.

Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. lived in Fontana, CA and I always enjoyed visiting them. Fontana was quite rural back in the 60s. The two had been married since they were in their late teens or early 20s, but never had any children. So, they doted on all of us. I was not their blood niece, but they didn’t care and neither did I.

After my aunt and uncle were divorced and I went to live with my mom and dad, I didn’t see much of Uncle John’s family. Much later, I found out that Uncle J.B. died in the 70s. Around 25 years later, Aunt Lucy died, and I wasn’t surprised to find out that she had been 100 years old or more because she and Uncle J.B. were old back in the 60s.

And here’s the interesting part, told to me by Aunt Alma.

Uncle J.B. was very pale-skinned and he shaved his head, so we had always thought that he was a “one drop rule” type of black man. But when he died, and his relatives came to the funeral, all of them were white. Uncle John’s family discovered that Uncle J.B. had no known black ancestry.

None of the relatives who attended the funeral were of his generation. They were all his nieces, nephews and second cousins. All his older relatives had died and/or disowned him.

It turns out that Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. met in Texas and had fallen in love there. But, of course, back then it was illegal in Texas for a white person and a black person to marry. So, unwilling to just cohabitate, they ran away to California, got married, and settled there. They were married until the day he died.

I only knew Aunt Lucy as an old lady, but Aunt Alma had a photo of her as a young woman. Suffice it to say that she was the kind of woman that a guy would ditch his family for: smooth brown skin, slanted eyes, high cheek bones, long, thick hair and a beautiful smile.

I hope that Aunt Lucy and Uncle J.B. are in Heaven. I envision them as two handsome young people, walking hand-in-hand, serving the Lord.

Fun fact: my sister’s husband is a white guy from Texas. They have five children and one granddaughter. They live in Fort Worth and in peace.


I don't know if our nation has truly repented as a corporate body of its past and here's something else: if the descendants of those who were wronged refuse to forgive, they, too, will remain prone to the evil forces that desire to take this country down. Other countries have their own spiritual issues to face, but that their problem. I'm concerned about this one.

Repent and forgive. I try to do both every day, for myself and my people: Americans. Pray for this country.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Numbering Our Days

12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

13 Return, O Lord, how long? and let it repent thee concerning thy servants.

14 O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

15 Make us glad according to the days wherein thou hast afflicted us, and the years wherein we have seen evil.

16 Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children.

17 And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.
Psalm 90:12-17 (KJV)

Columnist Charles Krauthammer, 68, will probably die of abdominal cancer. He’s a medical doctor
and has been a quadriplegic since having an accident during his first year in medical school.

Designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in the past week. I’ll let others talk about depression and the present state of their souls.

The deaths and impending death of these public figures has, naturally, provoked a great deal of sadness. But what it has magnified to me is how little time they and the rest of us have to accomplish whatever it is that God put us here to do.

I've been thinking of and talking to God about this for a number of months, ever since I discovered that an old boyfriend died last year of colon cancer. He was 57.

When we broke up, I was the bad guy.

I hadn’t seen him in many years, so after I read his public obituary which named his employer, I took a chance and wrote to them just to see if they would give me a sense of his work life. It was like hitting the jackpot. They sent me a very personal obit with much more info than the public one. These people loved him and are grieving very much for him.

My old love had retired from a very accomplished Cold War era USAF career and ended up as a math teacher and an accountant for an organization that helps teenagers and young adults get their GEDs. Some of his students were prisoners.

Like Krauthammer, he played the hand he was dealt and played it well. The two men made other people’s lives better and did it in less than seven decades using the personal gifts that God gave them.

I am in awe of this.

In Genesis, we read about Adam and his pre-flood descendants who lived hundreds of years, many close to 1000. We live 100 and change at best and what do we do with it? Even Spade and Bourdain used a portion of their very few years to bring a certain amount of enjoyment to others. That they became rich doing so is irrelevant, unless one remembers that the ability to get wealth is a blessing from God.

And so what are observers to take from this? It’s this: that each of us has some gift from God that we are to exercise to His purposes. It might not be a public purpose of which millions or even hundreds of people are aware. It might be a task known only to Him, but each of us “instinctively” knows what it is. We may have to plow through the circumstances of a broken body – or a broken heart – but the key word is through.

This simple. And hard. But this is what I believe that God wants from each one of us.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer passed away on June 21.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

June's Bills (Pinned until Goal Reached; Scroll down for recent posts)

UPDATED: Thank you for keeping the hounds at bay!

6/11/2018 at 9:00 AM PT -- $1300.  200 to go.

ORIGINAL: I'm a slow learner, too, in some areas.

As I've said before, I try not to get jealous of those who have their efforts -- have the thing that they love doing -- fully funded seemingly at the snap of a finger and have their cups running over to boot. Thousands and, sometimes, millions of dollars.

Psalm 37.

For me, this month is the same as every month: good, loyal readers and donors -- and falling short.

Usually when I do this, I ask for the minimum to keep me housed and to keep services from being discontinued. But I'm going to do something different this time: I'm going to ask for it all. So here it is.


Rent: $238 (June)
Electric Bill: $150 (June)
Car Insurance: $80 (June)
Food and Coffee: $150 (for the rest of this month)
Phone Service (which I don't have): we'll see.

Minimum: $1,500. That's what I need. Thanks.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What Respect Means to Don Lemon

It’s amazing how many ways that we human beings find to usurp the position of God.

In response to the report that black unemployment is the lowest it has ever been since the metric began to be measured, CNN reporter Don Lemon said this:
There’s no question today’s job report is good news, including the news that we’re as closest we’ve ever been to full employment in the black community. But what’s full employment without full respect?
Of course, I’m reminded of the hit song by Aretha Franklin, but even she didn’t tell her man what R-E-S-P-E-C-T meant to her. He had to “find out” which makes me suspect that the goalposts got
John Cazale (1935-1978) as Fredo Corleone
moved often.

I’m also reminded of The Godfather, Part II in which the dumb-as-a-brick Fredo Corleone demands respect after his brother confronts him for his betrayal. (Did anyone else notice that, except for Michael, Vito Corleone's children were morons? It was just like King David and his children: all stupid except for Solomon.)

This is what Lemon gets wrong: he believes that the "black community" deserves (gah! I hate that word) respect from those outside the group just for existing.

God is the only one who is due respect for who and what He is, and for that alone.

Everyone else is due respect for who they are combined with 1) the things they do/have done, and/or 2) for some authority acquired by them from an external source.

No human being or group of human being is due respect for who they are and for that quality alone.

And, without getting into the specifics of the respect which Lemon thinks is due to the "black community," you can bet that there are some moving goalposts for that, as well. It's the perfect application of Leftist thought.

This is the essence of pride or, as I’ve coined it, Carcass Worship.

It’s insidious.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Why I Was Hesitant to Blog About Obama When He Was President


As conservative activist Candace Owens is finding out right now, it’s a dangerous thing to provide personal information – even to a friend. Though I have been blogging for some time under the nom de guerre 'baldilocks,' I’ve never concealed my real name. But, even when I have revealed personal stuff, I took some comfort in the fact that each member of the American side of my family has a different last name than I do. Even considering that, I did ask Mom’s permission before posting this story.

It’s a matter I consider over and over again whenever I talk about personal matters – much more so than when I first started blogging. There’s a specific reason for this.

Yesterday, President Trump say that he would pardon conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. That made me happy and it made me think about the fact that I’m slightly acquainted with Dinesh: I was slated to appear in D’Souza’s documentary 2016: Obama’s America.

Why? Because I am a mirror image of a president.

I started this blog 2003. Then, in 2004, an Illinois state senator name Barack H. Obama gave the Democrat National Convention keynote address. I had never heard of him before that, so I did a little reading and discovered something amazing: his father was Kenyan – of the Luo tribe -- and his mother was American.

What was so amazing about that?

That is my exact same ethnic make-up and, before he came along, I had never met anyone else who had that same parentage. But that “coincidence” barely scratched the surface of those to follow.
  • I was born in August of 1961.
  • My biological father is Kenyan and of the Luo tribe; my mother is American.
  • My parents met when both were attending the same American college.
  • My parents divorced when I was very young; afterward, my father returned to Kenya.
  • For half of my childhood, I was raised by older relatives of my mother.
  • My mother suffered from ovarian cancer.
  • My maternal grandmother died in 2008.
  • One of my "half" sisters is nine years younger than I am. She is married to a man of a different race than she.
  • I am left-handed.
Barack Obama and I have all these things in common.

And then there are all the disparities.
  • I am a woman.
  • I am a conservative.
  • I was raised by my great-aunt and great-uncle in the first half of my childhood. President Obama was raised by his grandparents in the last half of his minor years.
  • Barack Obama’s mother, and, therefore, his grandmother, were white. My maternal grandmother was “one-drop-rule” black. (In reality, Grandma had a white appearance, but both of her parents had some black ancestry.)
  • My mother survived ovarian cancer; Former President Obama’s mother did not.
  • My mother, biological father, and “step” father are all living; his have all passed away.
One might call some of these symmetric disparities.

And then there was the discovery that my biological father -- Philip Ochieng-- and Barack Obama Sr. had been friends. This was something that was all over the news in 2008 and, therefore, Dinesh flew to Kenya to interview my father for a segment in Obama’s America. And it’s the reason that Dinesh reached out to me and asked me to appear as well.

My part was filmed but ended up on the cutting room floor. Dinesh said that test audiences were confused about who I was.

Honestly? I was relieved.

Why? Because I knew that Barack Obama was perfectly capable of taking down anyone he or his handlers deemed threatening. I wasn’t worried about myself, but I do have a large family on two continents that I love.

The persecution and prosecution of Dinesh D’Souza confirmed my conclusion and there are several other examples of the former president’s vindictiveness, including his weaponization of the IRS against conservative not-for-profit groups

Many who knew about the Obama parallel suggested that I write a book about it, but I resisted that notion and I’m glad I did. I find the whole thing a tad boring now – it was hard enough to get motivated to compose this post. I’m over myself … mostly.

But Dinesh's impending pardon and the slow reveal that the Obama Administration probably okayed the spying operation on the Trump candidacy reminded me of my fear.

Besides, when he got elected, I figured that my job was done and that I had failed. But I also had this in mind:
“You’ll see.” (I'm old enough to remember being called racist -- against white people -- for surmising that, if Barack Obama became president, America wouldn't elect another black president for 100 years. Ah, the good old days!)

And we did see. We all saw what Barack Obama tried to do to this country and we are still seeing it.

Am I afraid now? No, but the new administration has little to do with my lack of fear.

I am much further along in my relationship with Christ and I have experienced things which I would have never thought I could handle without losing my mind, including the loss of nearly all material possessions and homelessness. I found out that the promises outlined in Psalm 91 are valid.

When one hangs his/her being out into the public anything can happen to your body, your personal belongings and your reputation. But if you ask for God's protection, your soul is unreachable and you have nothing to fear.

If there's anything for which I am grateful to Barack Obama, it's that discovery.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

My May 2018 Post Digest From Da Tech Guy Blog

Fundraiser still going.

Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots-- Linked by Instapundit
And this is what makes long-time Trump supporter Kanye West different from the rest of us who refuse to toe the Democrat line. His hip-hop-composed platform was already built. All he had to do is climb up and begin to speak.
Special Needs Placard Not Needed
To liberals/leftists, black people are a crippled class that can never be made whole just as long as they can never be made not-black. What’s this notion called?
Dirty Windows
I would not want to see eyes like that looking back at me – especially not from my pillow or my mirror.
Starbucks Handles Its Business ... PoorlyWhen Your Enemy Tells You What He Will Do, Believe Him
Ms. Pelosi demonstrates a dim vestige of cunning, but we call all figure out what will happen if the Democrats regain the House, the Senate or both.
Inside the Gates: the Enemy
The CIA and all of the other intelligence agencies exist to Keep the Gates. Gathering them all under the DNI banner made that easier.
We Averted Our Eyes
I and many of my oldest and closest friends are also old enough to remember when open allegiance to communism was a huge disqualifier for any intelligence service position, much less DCI.
Good Candidate For Mercy
President Trump should commute this man’s sentence and, perhaps, keep him on a list of potential pardons.
CNN Sure Can Pick 'Em
We all know that this guy’s ideological forebears would have called the man a NAZI even if they did know that he was wearing the uniform of the US military. That’s what actually happened 48 years ago – and even 13 years ago.
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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial: No More Forgetting

1 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. 
2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.
-- Isaiah 57:1-2 (KJV)

For a long time, I pushed you out of my mind and I thought I had pushed you out of my heart. But I have thought of you every day since I found out that you were gone. Since then, some days are better than others.

Because now I remember ...

But every time sorrow threatens to drown me -- and despair tries to enter in -- I also remember where you are now. And I remember that God showed it to me.

I saw you crowned with His Glory and His Word resting on your shoulders!

And I am comforted. I won't forget again.

I love you, Bobby. And I’ll see you when I get there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Tactic of Floating Outrageous BS (UPDATE: Old Baldilocks Links From Ten Years Ago)

Fundraiser: Almost halfway there. Sitting at $725 for a few days.

"Let's see if this one gets by them."
As a recovering dissembler – the lies I told were mostly to myself – I have a unique perspective on lies and liars, at least from afar. (In personal relationships, however, I have been taken in once or twice.)

A couple of days ago, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had this to say about his former bailiwick, the Department of Justice, and how it should operate in relation to the President of the United States.
Twitter king Thomas Wictor -- whose every utterance you should consider, especially when the topic is the situation in the Middle East -- pointed out the obvious. Well it's obvious to those who read the U.S. Constitution every now and then.

To which I replied:
Those who won't read even something as short as the U.S. Constitution are indeed everywhere and they have been created on purpose via our often and justly maligned educational systems. Heck, people don't know the names of the three branches of government, much less the executive branch's hierarchy.

But, remember my first and second assertions. I'll try to explain how it works.

Many public figures in politics and the media use the tactic that Mr. Holder demonstrated: run an outrageous lie up the flagpole and see how many salute. There will always be a great number who, without question, will believe what he and his ideological brethren say. And now that Former President Obama's first attorney general has said that a president of the United States has no authority over the DOJ, he has planted seeds in the minds of like-minded citizens who will never bother to check to see if what he says is true.

And why should they? He was the head of the DOJ and, therefore, knows what he's talking about. Right?

Remember the "animals" uproar? It was just a few days ago. That was another perfect example of this tactic and, in that case, a huge chunk of the mainstream media and the Twitter Blue Check Mark Mafia pretended that President Trump referred to illegal immigrants as animals, when he was actually referring to the demonic gang MS-13.

And here's the intended aftereffect of the tactic: even after the truth comes out, there will still be a significant segment of the public who believes the falsehood. And there will be nothing you can do to show them that they are wrong.

That's the beauty of floating outrageous BS. Call it weaponization of disinformation.

I noticed this pattern long ago and now, with instant communication, it happens so much, I don't usually bother to comment on it. But I did find out that a lot of honest people are shocked that people do this. Honest people expect other people to be honest.

So it is that Eric Holder would pretend that the DOJ is an independent agency. And so what if people like me or Mr. Wictor stare open-mouthed at his ridiculous assertion? His job is done; the weapon is deployed.

Take it from a former sneak, you will see this happen over and over again, if you're paying attention.

UPDATE: Thanks, as always, to the Instapundit, for the link!

FYI, new visitors: I was talking about the explicit Marxism of the Obama edifice before the 2008 election and afterward.

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