Friday, October 29, 2021

Air Power

In Ephesians 2, Paul almost casually mentions that the devil is the prince of the power of the air and I think that this is a literal description. It seems that fear, chaos, craziness and deception are borne upon the very air we breathe -- gone viral, as it were. That, I postulate, is no coincidence. 

One of the names of God is God our Provider, so let’s take that aspect of Him and compare it with the things that our adversary provides. God provides abundant life via the truth while the Devil provides, theft, death and destruction via lies. This has been so since the Fall of Adam and Eve, but what is it that makes the things of the Devil so prevalent at this point in time? 

I suggest that it is the nearly instant connection that the entire world now has via wi-fi. This world belongs to the Devil, so lies are the things in which he deals. Lies are the things he begats

And all humans who aren’t covered by the blood of Christ are completely vulnerable to those lies, especially the high-speed digital ones that get from point A to point B within fractions of seconds. Oh and, by the way, Christians aren’t immune to them either, especially when we succumb to our pride and to our confirmation biases. 

That’s why the lies come fast and furious. They come from those who are unknowingly vulnerable to him, but they also come from those who actively work for him. I’m looking at you, Hollywood. 

No human can counteract the proliferation of falsehoods. The knowledge of this I why I stopped trying for a season. But the notion of this has been popping up in my mind for many months now.    

I’m just one person and, therefore, cannot hold back the avalanche of obvious lies penetrating our consciousnesses every day, every hour, every minute. But I think it’s up to each one of us to put forth some of the things that God whispers into our ears. 

This is one of them.