Friday, January 13, 2017

Steve Harvey, Talladega College, and the Shame Mob

Like NFL great Jim Brown did a few weeks back, Steve Harvey meets with President-elect Trump. And a marching band from Talladega College (AL)--a historically black college--raises well more than enough money for its amenities during a scheduled appearance for the Inauguration next week.

Meanwhile, the racial epithets against Harvey and Talladega’s president, Dr. Billy Hawkins, fly freely, from black people, of course.

Having been the target of such epithets from the same source, I'd like to describe how that kind of verbal attack looks from this target’s point of view.

I’ve talked about shame mongers before and, of course, the Internet is overrun by them. The trick to resisting them is to realize that shame is the only weapon they’re wielding. They have nothing else. And if one is immune to their form of shaming--name-calling--reading it is like watching a toddler throw a fit, only funnier.

So, while Harvey tries to use his celebrity for something selfless and useful and while the Talladega College marching band gets the world stage to show off the results of its hard work and school spirit, think of their detractors as the latter sit behind their cell phones and sling names like “coon” and “Uncle Tom”[i] in between posting their twerking and ghetto fight videos.

Think of their impotence.

Certainly Harvey was openly pro-Clinton and I wouldn't doubt that Dr. Hawkins and the most of band members old enough to vote were as well. But what they have already done and will do in the face of not getting what they wanted shows the type of people they are. They know the source of their power and that power does not come from sitting on the couch and slinging insults at others or even from the president of the United States.

As the woman said, ain't nobody got time for that.

And, as for Trump, a Facebook friend of mine pointed out that if he hadn't met with any Americans who are black, he'd be called a racist.

It never pays to consider the shame mob. They're only good for amusement--as a cat might be amused by a mouse.

Meanwhile, the band marches and plays on.

[i] I love how those who use the term 'Uncle Tom' as an epithet out themselves as illiterate. It’s like a boomerang.

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