Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Top Baldilocks Traffic Magnets for 2016

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Here are my top traffic attractors from last year. Three Instalanches. I excluded blegging posts and the elegy for Jeniffer Dawa Ochieng--mother of my Kenyan siblings.
As I was composing this post, I decided to look back again to see if I had a favorite post--one that I liked the best but is not on the list above. And it's this one:

Donald Trump and Our Current Level of Deception.

My thinking has only slightly changed since it was first posted; the fundamentals remain. Some of you know that I voted for him and will think "does she still think he's a plant?" Answer: I haven't yet ruled it out. Too soon.

Have I managed to annoy everyone? Well, it won't be the first time.

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