Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chasing Order

Again, I am very grateful for the contributions that many have made to this blog and to my projects. They have allowed me to access my old blog domain and to keep all of the info there. Additionally, I was able to buy gasoline, a new phone for my new land line (gonna have to rough it without a cell for a bit), a black ink cartridge for the printer, and the most important substance for blogging: coffee!

Today has been a busy day. Saturday, I usually make at attempt to clean the whole house--at minimum, clean the bathroom and mop all of the floors. (I have no carpet and don't want any.) I mention this because there are many items in the news right now that I really want to get to, in addition to putting down evidence of the usual warped thinking that goes on in this head of mine. But, I want to finish putting my house in a bit more order before I do. Like most people, I actually think better surrounded by order.

To expound on that, my thinking on a given topic is usually a jumble of facts, ideas, premises, observations, conclusions, and occasional bolts of revelation chasing each other in my head, and putting them down shapes them and gives them flow. And when I look at my surroundings and see outer order, I become more focused on the inner order and that order is what usually comes off of my fingertips onto the screen. I think it might be a chick thing.

So I will get to the items directly, today even. But, in the meantime I want to point you to Stacy McCain's blog where he is documenting yet another impending civil war--this time in Southern Sudan--and the US Military's involvement there. He is doing the kind of work I'd like to do with my Kenya Project, so I'm watching and learning.

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