Friday, December 20, 2013

Kenya Project Links--December 20, 2013

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GoFundMe: Arlen's Harem
GoFundMe: The Kenya Project

Inside an al-Shabaab refugee camp

NYPD investigation into the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi suggests that there were only four perpetrators and they all escaped. 

The New York conclusions are based on information obtained by its police officers and unclassified open source information.
The New York report also highlighted poor co-ordination between the Kenyan police and the army, which saw troops kill one police officer and wound the commander of a police team.
The Kenyan military disputes this assertion.

Major Emmanuel Chirchir, a military spokesman, said on Thursday that the bodies of the four attackers were burned beyond recognition and dismissed suggestions, attributed to a New York Police Department report released this week that some of the attackers could have escaped.
More from the BBC


Haggle over refugees looming (registration required)

Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopia camps barely fit for humans: Oxfam

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