Monday, December 22, 2014


Originally posted at Da Tech Guy Blog on December 16, 2014. 

As you know, I normally post a monthly digest from my columns there and this one will a part of the December 2014 digest. But I felt that my readership here might want to know how it's going.

My surroundings have changed drastically. After the foreclosure and selling of my home, the moving/storage of the large and/or precious items, the selling and giving away of other items, and the theft of one item, it is finally done.

I suppose I should feel sad, but I don’t. The house had belonged to my great-aunt who passed away in 2012 and I had spent the first part of my childhood there. I miss it but I don’t feel despair. Still owned by me: many, many pictures, crystal stemware, semi-fine china. There’s even a huge old-school stereo with a record player and a reel-to-reel “tucked” away in my storage space.

But all of this—including the theft—forced me to ponder the nature of things and their transient nature. My auntie could take none of her things with her into next life, and my next life—while not dimensionally different from the last one—will, I think, be a little bit different spiritually. At least I hope that will be so.

I’m no longer in South Central Los Angeles and in a temporary space behind the Mount Wilson Curtain (Glendale) and that is automatically different. A goodly portion of the population are of Persian and Armenian descent and it just occurred to me that many of these people either fled persecution in their home countries or are descended from those who did. Christians and Jews.

So I am among friends, at least I hope so.

Here’s a view from my window.

Page turned.

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