Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In Which President Obama Tries to Shame the GOP for Opposing His Latest Scheme

So now President Obama is going around the world--to the Philippines this time--and saying that GOP opponents to the assisted suicide of the United States aka Syrian Refugee Resettlement in the USA are "afraid of widows and orphans."

Questions for President Obama:

Would those orphans be the offspring of the hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis who were raped, hacked to death, plundered, and enslaved by their Muslim neighbors? Oh wait, that isn't a real genocide, according to the State Department. Because if it were, you'd have to stop it from happening then and why would you want that? Never mind.

How about this: aren't Muslims supposed to take care of their widows themselves? Make them a third or fourth wife or something, if they are young enough? (There can't be that many older widows.) Why are they sending their "widows" here to be subsidized by infidels?

Just how many "widows" are you bringing over here, Mr. President? And do they look like this?

If so, I can see why these "widows" are not getting many marriage proposals, though there are many several states where their fortunes might change--states which you don't have to attempt to shame into cutting their own throats. I understand now. Carry on. Sir.

::::sarcasm off::::

I am so tired of this cancer on our country.

(Thanks to @LilMissRightie and to Red State)

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