Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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A female suicide bomber responded to President Obama's "widows and orphan" spew. You know? It's as if God has a sense of humor--a morbid one, to be sure.

Why Islam is a Religion of War
Islam derives meaning from physical supremacy, so war becomes an act of faith. To believe in Islam, is to have faith that it will conquer the entire world. And to be a true Muslim, is to feel called to aid in that global conquest, whether by providing money to the Jihadists or to become a Jihadist.

The fulfillment of Islam depends on the subjugation of non-Muslims so that violence against non-Muslims become the essence of religion.

When Hamas states that, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” or the ISIS rapists tell Yazidi girls that rape "draws them closer to Allah", they really do mean it.

They are not perverting a great religion, as our politicians claim, they are living it.
Barbarian, Troglodyte, Morlock --lots of great quotes in this one. If you have little time to read all of the links here and have to make a choice, choose this one.
What [Morlocks] do instead is act like spoiled brats and sick degenerates, antimoralists, who, when decent society shuns them for the sick self indulgence in sin and perversion, can claim to be brave (brave enough to give in to their darkest and sickest desires) and can claim to be martyrs (as if being mildly criticized for public displays of disgusting behavior is the same as death by torture).

(...) People who are never the targets for Morlock outrage happen to be the ones who hold real power, such as Oil Sheikhs funding international terrorism and funding regimes that slay homos, kill rape victims, and make women wear bags over their heads. The Morlocks do not fight or even criticize these powerful figures: indeed, they defend them, and call criticism of the terror masters an insanity, i.e. Islamophobia.

Fighting real power would require real courage and real sacrifice. The Morlock wishes to make only pretend sacrifices and get the applause for being courageous when he is not.
16 of the Worst Ways to Respond to ISIS' Paris Attack
2) All Renditions of “Imagine”

Peter Cook had a great conspiracy theory yesterday: “John Lennon did not write ‘Imagine.’ I think Yoko did, and that’s why it is so terrible.” 
16) Atheist Biblesplaining

Like you, I love being lectured about human decency by people who defend Klanned Parenthood. But since when did liberals decide the Bible should be the basis of public policy? 
I may have edited that last quote a bit.

ONE MORE ADDED: Nullification and the Kentucky Resolution of 1798--for autodidacticism's sake.

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