Monday, December 7, 2015

Seed-Tree-Fruit Ramblings

Because of miseducation and plain-old stupidity, people don't understand what ideology is and how ideology relates to action. Ideology is the seed and action is the the tree, along with the fruit.  

The connection remains unmade in the minds of those who compare the violent actions of those who call themselves Christians and the violence actions of those who call themselves Muslims. To those who are unable or unwilling to make the connection, if outcomes are the same, then the ideologies must be the same, and are, therefore, equally abhorrent. 

Of course, our "betters" don't believe this. They know that Judeo-Christian ideology is fundamentally different from Islam.

However, our betters decided long ago to fundamentally transform the schooling of the serfs--you and me. Not only have our schools stopped defending the West and its underpinnings--the Church--they have also stopped giving students the tools even to understand the relationship between what you believe and what you do.

They've turned us into savages.

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