Friday, January 1, 2016

Exposure: BLMs Love White People (UPDATED)

Hey, Collective White People! Here’s a little secret. Black Lives Matter types, NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, New Black Panther Party sorts, etc.—I’m shortening this to BLMs--may come get me after I tell it, but I will take my chances. And, after all, even if they come get me, the secret will already be out. So here it is.

Are you ready?

BLMs love you, Collective White People. How do I know this? Because they care so much about
Because it's Trek and sexier than the kiss
what all of you think of Collective Black People; they care about how Collective Black People look in your collective eyes.

How do I know this? Years of being told by black leftists that “they”—meaning you, Collective White People—are laughing at black conservatives for putting forth conservative viewpoints. I mean, even if you were, who gives a rats? I don’t love the collective you, white people. But since BLMs do love you and since they do think collectively—think tribally—at all times and under all circumstances, they think that all black people think this way, and, therefore, think that black conservatives believe what we believe out of this same type of love for you, Collective White People.

Trust me, I know for a fact that a great number of individuals among you, Collective White People, are jackholes, and, therefore, I do not love you as a group. (Yes, I know. My groups, too.)

Here’s another indication of their love for you, Collective White People: every time an individual black conservative points to some nefarious action of an individual black person or group of black persons, BLMs say that this black conservative is “making blacks look bad.” Again, BLMs care how Collective Black People look in your eyes, Collective White People.

Oh, they couldn’t care less about fixing the real problems among black Americans. No. They just want you to ignore the real problems, bow down and worship Blackness. They want you to love blackness, to worship it—and like an abusive spouse, they will demand your love and claim that the abuse is what you deserve. And they want it because blackness is all they think that Collective Black People have; no other abilities like intellect or tenacity. Yes, it's true, BLMs believe that Collective Black People are inferior, though they have no conscious awareness of this. If they did, they wouldn't be BLMs.

So, now that you know this, what are you going to do about the exposure of this secret, this revelation?

Here’s what I suggest: stop doing what they do. Stop looking at blacks or whites or any other racial group as a collective. Look at the individual and act/react accordingly.

This is our only hope as individuals, as groups of individuals, and as a nation.

UPDATE: What BLMs want you to know...

(Thanks to Bruce Thompson)

UPDATE: Thank you, Glenn. New readers: welcome.

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