Monday, March 28, 2016

Maybe It's the Novelist in Me

It’s a game, a wager, a bet. That’s what the Donald Trump campaign is.

Who are the bet-makers? Trump and Bill Clinton, probably. It might be Trump and some other male player. Perhaps there are multiple players, but Trump is in on the bet, obviously.

A lot of what we see from him is acting, though Trump does not have to do too much pretending. Hillary Clinton certainly is not in on the bet for two reasons: Trump would not gamble with a woman and H. Clinton doesn’t have enough of a sense of humor for such a bet.

Recall that, in 2011, Trump threatened to run a third party candidacy for the 2012 presidential election if he didn’t get nominated by the Republican Party. Nobody was paying attention then, so he lost interest. This time, the camera, the microphones and the tweets have been directed exclusively on him and every time they threaten to focus elsewhere, he says or does something outrageous.

What's the bet? One of them bets that a documented liberal, consistently inconsistent, incredibly boorish candidate can convince a goodly portion of the Republican Party to give him the party's nomination, merely by calling himself a Republican and by making a few conservation noises. It’s the Coconut Treatment made flesh.

Or, I have an overactive imagination.

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