Sunday, March 27, 2016

Roll The Stone Away

Sorry for the silence. I have an annoying physical ailment which has been affecting my concentration. Thirteen years of blogging comes in handy under such conditions; yesterday at Da Tech Guy Blog, I posted a missive from six years ago; which seems to be well-received again (see below for the link).

I think I've found the cause of my problem, along with a solution. If the solution works, I'll expand on both problem and solution here.


Church is my destination today, as with nearly every Sunday, not just because it's "Easter." My "Easter" outfit will likely include jeans and pseudo-combat boots. But there was a time when my Easter outfit was more traditional.

Fifty years ago
Almost everything in the photo above is gone or belongs to someone else. But God remains,and therefore, so do I. For all things, I'm am grateful to Him.

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