Monday, January 15, 2018

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations for Fecesholes

Let’s be real about the sh*thole controversy: we don't expect Third World nations to change the
A little feceshole irony. This is from Detroit.
conditions which make their more ambitious citizens emigrate to America or to other locals. If we did, we wouldn’t have all this outrage about sending temporary legal immigrants or illegal immigrants back to their home countries.

As I pointed out in my post at Da Tech Guy Blog this past Saturday (see link below), this used to be the expectation. It’s how and why my father came to America in 1959, along with dozens of other East African students. Father and his fellows of the Mboya Airlift were expected to become the intelligentsia of their soon-to-be-independent countries and the Airlift's intent was to give the demonstrably gifted the intellectual tools, at least, to do so. (Upon the occasions of their independence, British-held Tanganyika became Tanzania in 1961 and British East Africa became Kenya in 1963.)

Some refer to the “soft bigotry of low expectations” with respect to lowered standards of admission for black and Hispanic higher education students. I contend that, for Third World countries, there is a parallel: lowered standards of human, social, and economic freedom.

We don’t expect Haiti or El Salvador to spontaneously form a free market economy or elect a rule-of-law government. Even my father’s country can’t seem to hold an election without violence.

But many individuals who come from these countries and from other places dominated by bloodshed, poverty and/or corruption come to America and thrive; Indians, Nigerians, and various flavors of Caribbean Islanders, famously so.

And they don’t want to go back to the Old Country, because they believe that things won’t change there without massive societal and cultural upheaval. They are probably right.

However, we should keep in mind how many times this country experienced massive societal upheaval. We are celebrating the birthday of one of the catalysts today, ironically.

I'm not saying that they should leave; many of them make great Americans. I am saying that they -- and we -- should stop being hypocritical about observers' summations of their countries.

They left in order to come to a place where they could be free to use the talents that God gave them. For such people, the above does not describe their countries of origin.

Whether President Trump described such places as sh*tholes or not, this is what many of these places are and it has nothing to do with race. During the height of the Cold War, many who were born in USSR-created sh*thole that was also called the Warsaw Pact risked life and limb to escape.

The difference: they were the first to tell their American hosts about the sh*tholes they fled.

And now that the USSR and the Warsaw Pact are dead, we expect those who stayed home in places like Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic to thrive where they live.

Why can't that be so for Haiti?

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