Arlen's Harem: Excerpt Three

"Hey, thanks for pointing me to that actor's bookshop. I found the exact CD I was looking for."

"You're welcome! Yeah, Samuel French has everything that an actor might need to read or listen to," said Deanna.

"I bought one for African accent and one for Jamaican. Never know if I'll need that last one. Also, there were some interesting characters in that place. I might be able to use one for one of my stories."

"Oh, I'm sure all the wannabes were out in force. Hey, isn't your father African?"

"Yes," said Cordelia.

"But you don't want to mimic his accent?"

"Well, his accent isn't stereotypically 'African.' Kind of British. Besides, I don't talk to him enough to be able to mimic him."

"Hey, I know that feeling."

"So now I have to research what I'm going to wear."

"Wait a minute. You don't even have any African type clothing?"

"Girl, the only thing I have that's African is my ass, and only half of that."

Deanna laughed.

"Have you been listening to the CDs?"

"Yes, but I need a hell of a lot more practice."

"Let's hear it. Consider me your acting coach."

"Okay," laughed Cordelia. She paused.

"The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog."

"African girl plus Valley Girl plus b-girl."

"Damn. That's exactly how I sounded to myself when I recorded it on my phone."

"Don't worry. Practice, practice, practice."

"I will. So what's your plan? You gonna put on an accent?"

"Probably. I thought about using my Mexican heritage for this gig, but I have a better idea. I'll send you a text of my outfit."

The text was there in seconds. Cordelia looked at the photo briefly.

"Oh my's perfect."

"Had that outfit hanging in my closet to remind me of an earlier life. I hope I can still get into it. I didn't like to eat back then." Deanna paused. "It's interesting that all three of us are half-breeds of different kinds, isn't it?"

Cordelia had never thought about this.

"Wow! That is very interesting. Since my mom is black too, I don't think of myself that way, but, in reality it's true. My parents are from two totally different cultures. I guess that's why they divorced."

"Did you ever feel like an outsider, even in your own family?"

"Heck, all the time. Especially with being the only one in my American family with my last name. You know what that's like, right?

"Sure do. Now, I guess that it's the norm for a woman's kids to have a gazillion different last names."

"Or the same one: their mother's." Neither of them had children.

"Oh yeah, right."

"But now, I'm okay with being different. It's actually fun now...or it's old age," laughed Cordelia.

"It took me a long time to get there myself."

"Well, let me get off the phone. Oh wait! When does Arlen get his new thumb?"

"His robo-thumb? In about a week."

"Maybe we can get him to take it off during our little caper."

Deanna screamed laughter. "Goodbye!"

"Bye," said Cordelia, grinning.

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