Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Help Me Get Access to My Old Blog

Both projects have been updated (see tabs above) and there will be another excerpt of Arlen's Harem posted tomorrow. I have three to chose from.

A few of items are needed to keep everything going and, in addition, make things better. The one item needed the most right now--in bold below--is the least expensive one.
  • Phone and Internet Bill: $70
  • Gas and Electric: $400
  • Car Note: $235
  • Get iPad out of hock: $250
  • Pay for old blog, so I can download it and add it to this blog: $30
If you  want to see both of my projects continue and see my older work, please help keep all of them going. Thanks.

GoFundMe: Arlen's Harem
GoFundMe: The Kenya Project

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