Saturday, November 28, 2015

Colorado Springs and, Yet Again, Shame

Last night, like most news junkies, I paid close attention to the story of the siege in Colorado Springs, now over. Robert Dear, after murdering three people--including a University of Colorado at Colorado Springs police officer--and injuring many others, holed up in a local Planned Parenthood clinic for a few hours, then surrendered without further incident. None of the murdered or injured were inside the clinic.

During the siege, the propaganda was massive, especially on Twitter. Most of it was pro-Planned Parenthood, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian. But, as of this morning, there are still no reports on Dear’s motive(s)—if there was one. (Some people do evil simply for evil’s sake.) There has been little about the perpetrator’s political views and nothing about his religion.

Nevertheless, pro-abortion observers (not pro-choice, pro-abortion) have excoriated Christians and conservatives over this man’s crimes. And if it turns out that this man considers himself a Christian and/or a conservative, any of us who actually adhere to the principles of either or both will repudiate this man’s actions and most will do so by pointing to the objective standards which define the two philosophies. Short version: if you stuff yourself in an oven and call yourself a biscuit, it doesn’t mean that you really are one.

But you know what? It won’t matter for those who believe in moral relativism—or those who wish that both Christians and conservatives would just shut up and keep trying to find a reason to shame us into doing so.

Which doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t point to our standards anyway.

RIP to Officer Garrett Swasey, to Jennifer Markovsky, and to Ke’Arre Stewart.

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