Friday, November 27, 2015

Order, Then Fun

I find concentrating on reading and writing much easier when my surroundings are neater; not OCD
I don't look like this.
neat, just the reasonable: sweeping, mopping, dish-washing and throwing away. Also preparing for the delivery of my stove. I'll be back here in a few.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Apartment living sometimes leads to unwanted, six-legged guests. Have to make it unattractive to them. They don't like clean floors.

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by November 30. As of today at 8:30 AM PT, there have been five donations of $200.00 and one sale for $10.99, totaling to $210.99. Thank you!

Please contribute to Juliette’s Projects: Kenya Trip, A Roof Over My Head, my Storage Facility, my new novel, this blog, and my Internet--to keep them going and to the COFFEE fund to keep me going!


asdf said...

5 donations of $200 is $1,000. No? Your total is 1010.99.

asdf said...

I think I see now. 5 donations totaling $200. Sorry.