Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful For...

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: There have been no new donations since the weekend. See end of this post.
Great health. The women in my family seem to peak in their late 50s to late 60s, so I'm still on the ascent!
I won't be doing any cooking tomorrow because there is no stove in my apartment. I'm getting a free stove--and refrigerator--from Am Vets; it arrives on Friday, so I can stop buying expensive, ready-made food and resume cooking. It has been a year since I've cooked.
New opportunities! (I'll tell you later).
Good friends, of which I have a great many.
Peace--while we still have it. It might be a matter of days only.
God's protection.
What about you?

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by November 30. As of today at 1:00 PM PT, there have been three donations of $135.00 and one sale for $10.99, totaling to $145.99. Thank you!

Please contribute to Juliette’s Projects: Kenya Trip, A Roof Over My Head, my Storage Facility, my new novel, this blog, and my Internet--to keep them going and to the COFFEE fund to keep me going!

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