Friday, December 4, 2015

It Was on Purpose

So I posted my bit of tin-foil hattery this morning, without knowing that this was happening around the same time.
Apparently CNN, MSNBC, and other outfits simply went inside the apartment and began showing live images of passports and other documents left in the place.
Shredded papers, receipts, photographs, also. The claim is that the FBI finished searching the apartment and released it to the landlord. And it only took 48 hours!

One of the items that caught my eye was the doxing of Syed Farook's mother. They flashed her address for the world to see. There was a purpose behind that. Recall that Farook's mother babysat the child of the terrorists at the home--a home which had contained pipe bombs and other preparatory items for Mission Terror.

Allegedly, the authorities came in to stop the rifling of the apartment, but the tampering was completed by then. Damage done.

Everything we are seeing now has purpose and points to frightening conclusions.

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