Saturday, January 2, 2016

Keeping it Clean

With the Instapundit link to yesterday's post, I have new readers and some new donations. Thank you!

However, if you would prefer not to donate money, I have something else I could really use. These next photos were taken right outside my front window.

My landlords clean it when they are here, but you know the deal--it's back to being trashed not a day later. Apartment dwellers. As a former home-owner, I know that the Broken Windows theory of Law Enforcement also applies to trash. Crap begets more crap. I'm certain also, that it contributes not a small amount to my battle with unwanted, six-legged guests. (I'm winning that one. My floors stay clean.)

So I want to take it upon myself to maintain a bit of order in this one little area I can help control. If you would like to contribute a Trash Grabber Tool for it, this one is my preference. It's also on my wishlist. Thanks!

Fundraiser continues until goal is met.

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The goal is $1500 in sales and donations by December 31. As of today at 12:30 PM PT, there have been 19 donations totaling $1339.00 and one sale totaling $10.99, for a grand total of $1349.99. Almost there. Thank you!

Please contribute to Juliette’s Projects: Kenya Trip, A Roof Over My Head, my Storage Facility, my new novel, this blog, and my Internet--to keep them going and to the COFFEE fund to keep me going!

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