Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Real Purpose of the Bathroom Wars: Chaos

As part of a lecture on the human body’s digestive system, my old biology professor offered this one-liner:
The colon is the smartest organ in your body; it knows the difference between home and not-home.
This is true for many women—including me—and, I’d imagine, some men. Number 2 away from home is not happening.

Some elimination chores take longer than others and, therefore require longer periods of undress. It’s a matter of safety, and of course, one usually feels safe when at home. You know the personal and cleanliness habits of all who live in your home. Also, there are locks on the doors and windows of your home, if not on the bathroom door as well.

You are reasonably sure that no one will be able to hurt you while you are in such a vulnerable state. You can relax…and handle your business.

Away from home, it’s a different story. You do your thing quickly, trying not to touch anything, and get out. Because you are less safe.

And I contend that this is the whole purpose behind the notion of mandatory unisex bathrooms and unisex locker-rooms: to remove the relative notion of safety from those who are physically the weakest and who are most prone to fear: women and girls.

This is how you know that the blah blah “rape culture,” “war-on-women” and “safe spaces” is a bunch of crap—no pun intended. One minute the Social Justice Warriors say that all men are pigs and rapists; the next minute they are boycotting states which refuse to make it easier for actual male predators to target women and girls.

Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Michael Moore, Ringo Starr, and, no doubt, other entertainers have publicly chosen to boycott North Carolina and Mississippi—states which have mandated separate bathrooms and locker rooms for males and females. Various leftist politicians outside of these states have forbidden government employees from using government funds to travel to NC. And Paypal has cancelled its plans to build a center in Charlotte, NC.

I’m guessing that the women and girls in the lives of these rich Virtue-signaling Grandstanders will never have to wonder whether they will be safe under such conditions, so to heck with the rest of us. They pretend as if it’s a LGBT discrimination issue, but it isn't. It isn’t even a T issue.

It’s a Chaos-Sowing issue. Fear and insecurity sow chaos. So do accusations of bigotry. This is a tried-and-true tactic of the Organized Left: to create/exacerbate enmity between groups. Here, the left has created a fight where none existed previously. And all too many are taking the bait.

Creating chaos spurs the need for order...for a small-s savior; this has always been the strategic goal of the Organized Left.

You may have noticed that I’ve removed the Paypal button from the previous post and from the left sidebar. However, I have not cancelled my account. Yet. I want to see what Paypal does regarding this issue. At the end of this month, I'll decide what I'm going to do with Paypal and inform my subscribers. In the meantime, I’m researching other options.

I’m also researching vacation options in North Carolina.

(Thanks to Mike Adams for the graphic.)

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