Friday, April 15, 2016

Recessive Trait

Kevin Williamson doubles down on his advice to the smarter members of white working class.
What to do about [white] dysfunctional families in dysfunctional communities? I have a great deal of experience with that question — a great deal more experience than ever I wanted to have in this life. And my answer to what to do about a community or a family that offers you little or nothing and that may be actively working against your real long-term interest is for me the same today as it was 25 years ago, when I first was forced to consider it and answered in the argot of my own downscale tornado-bait community [in Texas]:

F*** ’em.
I remain amused by the negative feedback Williamson is getting.

Except for black Americans whose ancestors were American slaves, all of us--including American Indians--are descendants of people who got up off their backsides and moved to an unknown hemisphere.* But advising others to move to a new city or state within one's country is the equivalent of advising suicide a death wish? That's what Williamson's critics say either overtly or covertly.

I guess that go-getter instinct is a recessive genetic trait.

Williamson also points to something I observed weeks ago: that lazy white people--and their apologists--are just as intransigent as lazy black people--and their apologists--when it comes to hard advice and will whine about having to hear it just as loudly.

It's comforting.

*For the record, my bio father came to America as a 20-year-old--from a different hemisphere,

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