Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Won't My Devices Connect to LAPL WiFi?

Weirdest thing.

So I'm at a Los Angeles Public Library branch close to my apartment. The LA DWP and I are having a little disagreement about my electricity bill, but I'm not going to let that stop me from working, not in this First World country.

Of course I bring my devices; to charge them and so that I don't take the chance of compromising any of my passwords. Oh and there's that cleanliness thing.

So, using my laptop, I get on my usual sites, the try to take care of some business. Then I go to the DWP and can't get on it at all. Then, suddenly I can't get on any site, except for Instapundit and Ace. I could not get Gmail, Blogger or Facebook to load. And this is not just with my laptop, but with my phone devices as well. Reset, restart, recheck, redo. No difference. The librarian couldn't figure out the problem either.

Right now I'm on one of the library computers and there has been not one problem except for an icky keyboard and mouse...and passwords. Every site loads immediately.

Any theories?

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