Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last Chance to Buy My Novel in Dead Tree Form

Paperback sales of my novel end after tomorrow. Call it "indefinite hiatus." 

It’s really difficult to get people to buy your wares. It's easier to get people to donate. I've had people donate a lot of money to Baldilocks and, don’t get me wrong—I’m very grateful for it and won’t turn it down…and you do get something for those donation: keeping my blogging afloat. 

But, I’d rather get paid for something I’ve finished creating. It feels better. I'd like to sell 20 today and 20 tomorrow. Then, I will be done with selling that particular book for a while, at least online.

Also, there has to be someone out there looking for a novel on which to base a screenplay. Certainly there is.

Buy my book and give it to one of your screenwriter friends.

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