Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Still Not Employed by Anyone Other Than Myself

Out and about today. I'm at the Library carrying my employment info arsenal.

  • 10 copies of my resume. Check.
  • 2 copies of my DD Form 214. Check.
  • 2 copies of my Social Security Card. Check.
  • 3 forms of ID. Check. (Reports of black people being ID-less are greatly exaggerated BS. But you knew that.)

Dozens of applications sent out already. One interview. Sometimes I look at people who have jobs and wonder how I'm still struggling. Too old and "over-qualified?" Probably. So is it, somehow, better if I'm on the dole?

I do understand why people give up.

And people like this heifer Reality Winner make me so angry I can barely see straight.

I don't expect life to be fair. I do, however, expect idiots like her to be struggling and reasonable-able and ethical people like myself to not have to calculate how much money I have when considering the purchase of food versus fuel versus my Internet bill. She's not even competent  at properly executing treachery.

What more can I do?

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