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Black Americans: The Organized Left's Expendable Shock Troops

Baltimore in 2015

Black Americans are, for the most part, a tribe. Some will take offense to that opinion, but if we consider the specifics of our existence as Americans since the practice of enslaving imported Africans became widespread in this hemisphere, we see that there is nothing else that we can be called.

Remember, our ancestors, of various West African tribes, were brought here, sold, and forcibly stripped of their various names, languages, cultures, and religions. That conditioning created a new tribe: The Negro. And even after the abolition of slavery and the extension of legal citizenship to former slaves, Americans of African descent were confined under a societal barrier. A few managed to break through the barrier, but the clear majority remained in the legal, economic, educational social and tribal space into which the US Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson  allowed state and local governments to pen them.

But along came the Civil Rights Era, really beginning in the 1940s and reaching its apex in the 1970s. The Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts heralded the end of our status as an insulated tribe within a nation and they harkened back to the objective ideals on which this nation was founded.

These landmarks of legislation stated that we belonged to the American “tribe” all along. But, concurrently, another idea—an opposing ideology--was on the ascent as well: Black Pride.

Pride. When we hear the word, we interpret it in two ways.

So-called benign pride is represented in the following example: we are proud of ourselves when we achieve hard-fought goals -- educational, professional, etc.; we are proud of cherished relatives and friends who do the same.

The not-so-good type of pride is that which the Bible warns against--"the high look," “the up-tilt of the chin.” (But are they any different, really?)

Recall that in the days before the Civil Rights Era, being a black American was a matter of shame and degradation, but Black Pride served to counter that. The concept of Black Pride, while initially beneficial, has, however, brought black Americans from one extreme mindset and deposited us into another. It took us away from the shame of being black and brought us to a place in which no one may criticize a black person who is deemed to be in good standing with the “tribe.”

As a result, many (most?) black Americans have come to believe that blackness is a Leftist way of thinking and a left-leaning political position and, stemming from these ideas, that any black person who deviates from the “black” mindset and political position—a black conservative--isn't “really” black.i

This idea stems from the Organized Left co-opting Black Pride and using it to keep anger and grievance alive long past their dates of pertinence. The purpose of this tactic is to keep the wedge open between black and white Americans, drive it wider, and produce violence. The ultimate purpose, taken together with many other tactics, is to destroy America.

Pride is what is always has been: inordinate high opinion of one's superiority and goodness; the preening to appear better than on-lookers. (My great-aunt called it “floor-showing.") That we had to use pride, a sin, to “rid” ourselves of the mindset of shame and degradation is the problem. We went too far in the other direction, so far in that direction that the things which are destroying us -- the things which we should be ashamed of -- we have deemed inherent to blackness. We call evil good and good evil. We call the chains of the New Slavery – widespread bastardy, illiteracy, miseducation, self-genocide, etc. -- our due, our rights. And we believe that any of our number who breaks free ideologically and tries to tell their brethren how to be free is a traitor to the tribe. Shame is no longer an option, except as a cudgel for those who point this out.ii

In addition, we deem the New Slavers -- the modern-day Democrat Party and the Organized Left -- to be our friends even though their ideological forebears were always the perpetrators of overt black American slavery and oppression. This sort of tribal pride blocks the ability to see what's right in front of one’s face and the ability to accurately map out the future. It blocks reality.

This has been a decades-long process, concurrent with the Left's agenda to hollow out the institutions of this country.

Through this mindset, black Americans have become the Organized Left's shock troops in latter’s war against America and all too many of us have become the Left's overseers, tasked to force the "deserters" back into formation using the tools of ridicule and shame.

I almost said that the Left was at war with black people, but the Left doesn't esteem blacks enough to deem us as their enemies. We are merely tools to be used for the task at hand -- to foment violent racial discord which will have to be put down using infinitely stronger government violence -- and to be discarded when the task is completed, assuming that there will be any of us left after the New Civil War.

And we let ourselves be used for one reason: tribal vengeance; for slavery and for oppression.

For pragmatism’s sake, let’s leave aside morality and conscience for a bit and look at this phenomenon strictly from a strategic point of view. Leaderless families and the resultant black-on-black killings are prevalent among black Americans and directly attributable to the lure of LBJ’s New Slavery Great Society programs. (I contend that prevalence of both leaderless families among black Americans and black-on-black killings are merely the aforementioned shame and degradation of being black re-packaged and internalized. If the leaders of a people—men—don’t love their progeny enough to marry the women who bear their children and/or remain in the lives of those children long enough to bring them into functioning adulthood, why would those children love themselves or those who look like them? And abortion is merely the black female method of black-on-black killing.)

These methods of self-genocide have greatly thinned the “troops.” Taking this into account, one logically concludes that starting a war with a “tribe” that outnumbers us 12-1 and outguns us is pure folly.
It will bring the tribal suicide which we’ve been slowly committing already, to a quick and devastating conclusion.

Turning back to conscience and morality, Jehovah reserves vengeance to Himself, and instructs Jewish and Christian believers to forego it. But even if one does not believe in Him, it’s easy to see the chaos which is nearly always brought about by the unending cycle of human vengeance.

You murder/enslave/oppress mine, then I take vengeance and murder/enslave/oppress yours. Then you take vengeance and murder/enslave/oppress more of mine. Then I …

Is this what you want, Americans? I do not.

We all tend to forget that all human beings are only a few steps away from reverting to the Law of the Jungle. Twentieth-century Europe demonstrated the truth of this and the Muslim world still demonstrates it. Will we Americans—all of us--continue in the way of most of humanity?

Every day, I pray not.
[i] It’s interesting that Liberals think that black people have a certain way of thinking embedded in the DNA. White supremacists think this as well.

[ii] Until recently, I found it puzzling that some black Liberals hurl all manner of racial epithets at black Conservatives; but now I realize that it’s the pride/shame mindset. Those who use this tactic, however, don’t realize that it’s ineffectual on persons who recognize it for what it is.

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