Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Twin Pathologies: White Guilt and White Anger

White Guilt

The phenomenon of white guilt doesn’t merely mean that many white Americans feel guilty for the actions of pre-CRA America.  It also means that all white Americans must pay for the sins of their fathers and pay for a system from which they are perceived to still be the beneficiaries and to still have advantages over all other Americans simply due to being white.  Stemming from that premise, all whites are guilty until proven innocent.
Why are some of you so afraid of being called [labeled] 'racist' when you know that you aren't?
Little did I comprehend the near mortal terror in which the white American of goodwill and good-faith lives at being labeled as racist.  What I discovered was that white Americans are being systematically made to pay if they step outside the ever-shifting boundaries of Political Correctness.  If a given white person does cross one of these boundaries, he/she is “payed-back,”: often by losing employment which is usually accompanied by being driven into bankruptcy.  Therefore, avoiding the label of ‘racist’ (or ‘sexist’ or 'homophobe’) has been a matter of economic survival for white people—especially for heterosexual men.
One person described the labeling process in the following manner: once the white person has been tarnished with the racism label, all the others turn away from him rather than come to his aid—even if they believe he is innocent. The reason? Such aid rendered will result in the defender being tarnished as well.  This makes sense because of the Leftist premise, again: whites are always guilty of racism or are the beneficiaries of it.  Who wouldn’t be afraid knowing the probable outcome? 
(When I suggested that whites en masse refuse to play the racist game, one rocket scientist imagined that I was saying that, because white Americans often wouldn’t fight back when accused of racism, the persecution was their own fault.  This is Rapist “Logic”: “she was asking for it and it was her fault that she was raped because she didn’t fight back.”)
Individual guilt can be a positive thing: a motivator to get clean and make restitution to the wronged party.  (And this Christian asserts that the identity of the wronged party is always the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.)  However, when group guilt is the matter at hand, there exists no actual defendant or plaintiff.  Under such a fantasy, the "plaintiff" can never be made whole and, obviously, the "defendant" can never be made to pay enough.  And that brings us to...
White Anger
People often deny [a better verb, I think: disavow]  white guilt by pointing to its irrationality--"I never owned a slave," "My family got here eighty years after slavery was over." But of course almost nothing having to do with race is rational. That whites are now stigmatized by their race is not poetic justice; it is simply another echo of racism's power to contaminate by mere association.
Persons who use this cogent logic are exactly right; however, they forget about the Leftist premise regarding beneficiaries—that even if, say, a Russian immigrant arrived in 1995, he/she still gets a perceived advantage over the black American, simply by being white.
Where white anger comes in should be obvious to anyone who has been on the receiving end of wrath for acts they have not personally committed, but it goes deeper than that.  The idea of group or generational guilt stems from the Old Testament notion that the “sins of the father are visited upon the son.”  

However, when the Left builds upon this notion, they are forgetting who the visitor—the inflictor—is.  (Hint: it’s someone in whom much of the Left does not believe.)  This should lead us to the conclusion that group or generational guilt is something that the political Left doesn’t believe in either. Sowing the need for it and reaping the resultant white guilt-fear-anger is just a tactic…toward the goal.
The white person who feels unproductive anger at blacks as a group is just as manipulated as the black person who feels this way toward all whites whether either is justified or not.  Why? Because blanket anger toward a group for things which an individual of any group cannot change -- such as skin color or race -- leads to the Vicious Circle of un-washable guilt and anger and it gets the Left what it wants above all else: power.
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