Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Recon: What the Enemies of Freedom Have Been Up To

Props to the anonymous genius who created this graphic years ago.
Since its Founding, America has been beset by those who do not understand the Founding Principles, do not know about them or—most pertinently—those who see freedom for all Americans as a threat to their power. The latter have included former colonial powers, domestic federal benches and, sometimes, presidents of the United States. But, most often, this number has included more strategic thinkers—long-term planners with concrete goals. Such are the Organized Left of the last hundred years. Leftists seeks to hinder all forms of freedom and seek to do so via government.

Therefore, even though Jim Crow laws and Northern segregation-by-legislation are considered Right-wing/conservative by sloppy thinkers, they were prime examples of the crystallization of Leftist ideology.

It is no accident that, when the Civil Rights Movement began to achieve success in garnering true freedom for Americans who are black, many of the governmental programs designed to “help” black Americans were implemented. What such programs and policies have actually done: almost succeeded in destroying the black family, created a sense of endless entitlement and stoked continued resentment among blacks for any group that is perceived to have any social and/or economic advantage over them.

This Leftist-indoctrinated mindset--very efficiently put forth by the NEA-controlled public education systems--has created the notion in black Americans that government can and should take the place of family; that dependence on government is our right. And it has inculcated the twin notions that any white American who wants his fellow citizen who are black to be free from government is a racist and that any black American who wants to be free from government is a self-hating Uncle Tom (sic)/Aunt Jemima and is a traitor to all "real" blacks. (I call it the 'New Slavery' because it has produced emotional and intellectual vassals, unable to step outside of predetermined mental boundaries.)

Thus, do even black Americans with everything going for them—talent, drive and extraordinary opportunity--believe that white people still have a boot on their necks and believe that they are entitled to vengeance. Thus, did the first black American Attorney General of the United States babble about white Americans being a nation of cowards with regard to discussions of race and within the space of months officially excuse a blatant, well-documented violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by members of the New Black Panther Party.

And it should be no surprise that the same political party which has overtly and covertly hindered the freedom of black Americans for a good 150 years has become the official platform for the New Slavery. The difference in the 21st century: The Slave Masters are ready to branch out “business” -- to include all Americans, regardless of race or color.

The repeated stoking of racial anger and vengeance is a tool—a tactic--of the organized Left. Leftists seek to divide groups and stir up anger and, ultimately, violence--so that a leftist-controlled government can come in and crack down on all freedoms in the name of order and set into overdrive their well-laid plans to fundamentally transform the United States of America into the Socialist Utopia of Karl Marx's vision.

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