Monday, August 14, 2017

Neat Trick: A One Act Play

My first.


Democrat: You’re a racist!
Republican: No, I'm not!

Democrat: Then why’d you bring up the topic of race?
Republican: I didn’t bring up the topic, you did!

Democrat: That’s because I knew you were thinking about it.
Republican: Wait. You just accused me of bring up the race topic. You lied.

Democrat: Your racism got me so angry that I got confused.
Republican: That seems to be a chronic problem for you.

Democrat: See? You're a racist!
Republican: What did that have to do with race?

Democrat: You think black people are confused!
Republican: But, but, but…you’re white!

Democrat: I’m going to tell everybody how racist you Republicans are and I'm going to vote for [insert Democrat dejour here] because of you racists!

The End

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