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Musings on Illegal Aliens

Originally posted on Twitter as a thread. Getting a bit of attention.

Since I have one parent who was a legal immigrant to the US and another who is the descendant of African slaves brought to America, people sometimes think they can figure out what I think about illegal aliens.

I'll make it easy for them. I think all illegal aliens should GTFO and go fix their countries of origin. This includes illegal aliens from my father's country.

My father came here via the Mboya Airlift aka the Kennedy Airlift. When my parents divorced and my father's student visa expired, he went back to his country -- Kenya -- to try and fix things. (This was just before Kenya's independence in 1963 and a few years before the Immigration Act of 1965.)

The old man -- and his countrymen -- didn't fix much, but he tried and is still trying. Father is a socialist and was the product of an Old Way of socialist intervention -- one in which existed the presumption that there was an educable remnant among every people group; one capable of creating change in their own countries.

We are seeing the results of the New Way right now.

There are two types of Open Borders advocates and both are operating from two unspoken and separate but related premises:

• One is that illegal aliens who aren't white are genetically incapable of fixing their countries of origin.
• The second is that, because of the first, allowing them to overrun the US will take this country down and make it ripe for a fundamental socialist transformation.

And when I say "overrun," I mean this: no Ellis Island types of checks for infectious diseases; making allowance to function using the languages of origin rather than English; sanctuary cities and states; allowing illegal aliens to get on welfare, get drivers licenses and vote; providing in-state college tuition (whereas an out-of-state citizen or legal immigrant must pay much higher tuition) ...

The list is endless.

In short, when Open Borders advocates play the racism and white supremacism card(s) against those of us who want to see a real wall built on our southern border, they are projecting like a motherfucker.

Can natives of countries south of the US border fix their countries? I bet they could, but they need incentive. I say we should provide one aspect of it: make it very difficult to get into this country illegally and, thereby, away from the messes they and their own ancestors have made.

Like other human beings, some of them will look for other options. And, just as is so with other human beings, those who try to make change within their own countries will be a remnant. That was so for this country.

Most nations don't succeed in making permanent change in the direction of freedom and in the rule of law. But they definitely can't succeed if it is not tried.

So, I say this to both prongs of the Open Borders crowd: I see what you're doing, as do many others. You want to import people *you think* are too inferior to fix their own countries.

And you think that alleged inferiority makes them malleable to a mindset of your choosing.

You believe the same of black Americans, but too many of us see through it, so we were discarded in favor of the prospective new Serf Class.

I, for one, welcome your discard.

Jamiel Shaw II in 2008 and Officer Ronil Singh in 2018 were the recipients of this New Way. One, a natural-born American; the other, a naturalized American -- both were upstanding and law-abiding.

And both were minding their business or handling their business when they were murdered by illegal aliens.

Jamiel Shaw II

Ronil Singh
There are thousands more just like those two young men, but, to me, they are like bookends, representing what the Open Borders crowd had in store for the rest of us, whether we agree with them or not.

But so what if a few Americans get raped and murdered by some of these newbies? So what if a few of the newbies bring in drugs like heroin and fentanyl, killing more Americans? Eggs and omelettes ...

I suspect that socialist omelettes are made with imaginary eggs, but I digress.

A fed-up populace will seek protection from the powerful. Nothing wrong with that. But the Open Borders crowd -- the part seeking to herd us into socialism -- has long tried to back us into the lone corner where socialism is the "only" choice.

That requires that we become cowed and fearful -- afraid of driving or sitting at a bus stop or walking home or jogging or merely sitting in our own homes. That is how many of the dead victims of illegal aliens have met their fates.

Unarmed, of course.

My exhortation: don't fear the Reaper -- nor those who seek the Fundamental Transformation via you and yours being reaped.

Keep pushing. Go down and stand up swinging.

UPDATE: An Instalanche is always a blessing. Thank you, Glenn.

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