Friday, March 20, 2020

Going Nowhere

Fresh Air
Downtown Los Angeles. Gavin Heffernan. Undated.

Of course, I’m at home and I plan to mostly stay inside. I wanted to step outside for a bit when it gets dark just to see the effect of a nearly smog-free LA sky. But it looks like there will be cloud cover for the next week at least.

Recently, I was worried about getting evicted and/or having my electricity service shut off, but that danger has passed for two reasons: God has provided through private donors, one of which is Code of Vets.

The other reason is obvious.

There is a lot of fear out there, like unto my own. But I wonder …

Is God giving this nation --this world -- a season of rest and an opportunity to refocus on Him? He did that with me a few years back. Stripped me of almost every material thing and it seemed that He turned me into a beggar.

Let me rephrase that. He showed me that I and all the rest of us are beggars, whether we ask Him for things or not.

Many American Christians have been begging Him to cleanse our country and I submit that this is what’s happening. I know from experience, however, that, sometimes, when God answers our prayers in the affirmative, the answer will often come in a very unexpected manner. God likes radical solutions.

Is that not what this is? If it is, I think He's being merciful.

I plan on driving to church on Sunday, so if you want to get me some gasoline, that’d be great. But don’t feel obligated. God will provide one way or another.

And it will be to His glory.

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