Monday, January 13, 2020

Halfrican Keeps it Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come to America

Tom Mboya
Originally posted on January 13, 2018 at DaTechGuy Blog. Edited.

When the students of the Mboya Airlift were hand-picked to come to America, it was for a specific purpose: to educate demonstrably gifted Kenyan and Tanzanian students in the Western tradition and to send them home to be the leaders and information venders of their countries in preparation for independence from the European colonial powers. One of these students was my biological father, journalist Philip Ochieng.

That was in the late fifties to early sixties and most of the students did return home. The Airlift was a privately funded endeavor by the likes of the Ford Foundation, the Kennedy Foundation, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harry Belafonte. I’m sure that there have been other experiments like it.

The 2018 tempest regarding President Trump’s alleged description of Haiti and African countries as shitholes got me thinking again about this vehicle for my presence on earth and incarnation as an American -- born and raised -- and the concept of it. If the intent was to lift these countries up close to the economic and social level of the freer Western nations, I’d say that it failed, predictably, since nation cannot be transformed through its leaders alone. But it can be manipulated by indoctrinating leaders and planting them.

And this was the intent of the two foundations involved — though Mr. Belafonte, Mr. Robinson, and Dr. King, undoubtedly had nothing but the best of intentions. I believe that the project was an attempt to create an elite in the two countries – a rulership.

And since tribal societies are used to the headman concept, not much changed for the average citizen/subject of these countries.

In 1965, the US Congress passed a new immigration law and LBJ signed it. Suddenly, there was a flood of immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and other non-European nations. Here came the Third World’s go-getters and risk-takers: i.e. the rest of the gifted students. And they’re still coming.

And what is their shared gift? The ability to get up and move.

Meanwhile, back home, their friends and relatives remained mostly resigned to the old ways: kleptocracies, tribal wars, criminal cartels, monstrous pollution, deadly disease, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of outrage from Haiti immigrants and immigrants from African countries about the alleged remarks. Some African leaders called for President Trump to apologize. Typical floor-showing.

But I’ve seen only one immigrant  — a Nigerian — talk about going back home and making a difference there. Good luck, bro.

Most of the immigrants from the Third World thrive here in the USA and do not return to their countries of origin because it’s a lot easier and more profitable to stay here, have their children born as Americans, and raise them in relative safety and prosperity. And who can blame them? I certainly don’t.

But let’s stop pretending that they left some idyllic Trump-less places of beauty and peace. They left places that were dirty, stinky, dangerous and which have leaders who are blatantly corrupt.

A.K.A. shitholes.

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Anonymous said...

The intent of the 1965 immigration law was to bring in replacement citizens who would vote for socialist leaders. It is a thinly disguised takeover of America.

baldilocks said...

Anonymous: Welcome.

Be that as it may, it has been only partially successful.