Saturday, December 28, 2013

How People Respond to Others When Self is the Focus

"How dare you...!"
--Often said when a person "dares" to say or do something that another doesn't like

"I don't appreciate...!"
--Said as if the receiver is supposed to have appreciation for whatever the speaker/actor is saying or doing

"You are arrogant!"
--Often true, but just as often, an indication of the insecurity of the accuser who feels threatened by the confidence of the accused

"Don't judge me!"
--Said when a person does not want to examine his/her actions and would prefer that you didn't either; often a misinterpretation of Jesus' admonition regarding judgment

"I am offended by that!"
--Too often, said when no offense was intended; too often, stemming from looking at everything through the prism of self, by inferring things not implied. Though giving offense is sometimes inadvertent, taking offense is always a choice.



"I voted for [insert candidate here] because he/she is the same race/same gender as I am, and it makes me feel good to see someone who looks like I do/has the same equipment that I have."