Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let's Be Blunt: I'm Raising Money!

For the past few Tuesdays, I've had a regular posting gig at Da Tech Guy and it has allowed me to limber up the blog-posting chops which have atrophied in the past few years from non-use. I had planned to do two projects for my old blog, but my monies became funny and here I am at Blogspot. No matter; I'm grateful that I can still communicate to the outside world. To paraphrase, you don't miss your water until you well runs almost dry.

One thing readers may notice about my posts at Da Tech Guy: they have little to no relation to current events. This is due to the fact that I am unable to afford an Internet connection at home, and, therefore, no longer have the time to properly get up to speed on any dynamic event.

This dynamism--this 'change'--was actually one of the reasons I got burned out on blogging in the first place. Since the first inauguration of President Obama, events--and outrages--have reached such a Fast and Furious speed that I no longer even wanted to catch up. My attitude since the first inauguration was "you'll see." Well, now you have seen.

From here, where do I go? Well, first, I'd like to get back on line at home, get my phone back on and get my blog fees paid. Raising those funds was part of the Arlen's Harem project. (I know that many city dwellers live within walking distance of one or more free hotspots, but those of us who live in South Central Los Angeles can testify that it is a hotspot wasteland. So, for me, driving is unavoidable and heading out to a McDonald's, Starbucks or to the library twice a day wastes gas. It also wastes time.)

Can we do that? I'm in need of over $1000.

After that, we see what's what with respect to the political blogging on this or any other personal site, though I will still be blogging at Da Tech Guy for the foreseeable future.

For certain, I will be continuing to work on the new novel. How I do it depends on you. Right now, I'm at McDonald's.

This week's post for Da Tech Guy can be found here. As for the last two, I will repost them directly.
In the meantime...


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