Friday, July 17, 2015

Please Help Me Keep What's Left of What I Own (UPDATED : GOAL!!!)

UPDATE (2:52 PM PT): GOAL REACHED!!! Thank God for good friends. Like this one.
UPDATE (1:45 PM PT): $145 so far--and I'm very grateful for that. Remember, after today, my stuff will be sold.

ORIGINAL: Since I haven't been writing for months I felt a shy about doing this. But desperate times...

I need $700 to hold onto my belongings at Public Storage. else they will be sold off. I've received a few donations and I'm grateful for them, but PS won't take anything unless it's the full amount.

Please help me do this. Losing the house and the car was bad enough, but I don't want to lose things like my great-aunt's wedding ring or my old paper writings in need of transcribing.

Juliette’s Projects: A Roof Over My Head, my Book Site Domain names, my Storage Facility, my new novel, this blog, and my Internet--to keep them going and to the COFFEE fund to keep me going!

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